Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Big One That Didn't Get Away!

Joe and I had a fun filled weekend! On Sunday we went gambling - came home with $100 more than we went with which does not happen all of the time (John I'll tell you my secrets sometime!)
Monday we went fishing. Usually I like to go boating which means bring a book, knitting, sunglasses, sunscreen, diet pepsi, pretzels and m&m snack mix. This weekend I wanted to fish. We went to Irondequoit Bay by the "perch" booeys. The booeys are right where the big obnoxious boats go flying by with no consideration what soever for the little fisher people sitting there trying to catch the "big one".

I caught this fish about 30 minutes after we started - it is hard to see from the picture but it is a really gigantic perch! About 11 1/4 inches. Joe caught a LOT more fish than I did, but I'm sure he didn't catch one this big! He might have caught one that was 10 3/4 or maybe even 11 inches. He was a good sport and I tried not to rub it in too much that I caught almost a whole meal with my ONE fish! He was great about baiting my hook each and every time and taking all of my fish off, even the little ones that we had to throw back. I've caught my big one for the year - guess I'll go back to "boating" now.


Ruth said...

That's a very nice fish!

John said...

I can not wait to hear your secret on how to make money at a casino. I guess I can use some fishing tips too.

When I updated my computer to Windows XP I lost all my favorites in my explorer. That means that I also lost your Blog site. So, I Googled"knitatation" and your blog popped up #1. How cool is that? Now I can keep up with all your goings on.