Sunday, July 15, 2018

HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

 It's been hot here in Western NY...yikes..the house is boiling.
Thank goodness for the pool.

I have started the sleeve increases on the
Shakerag sweater.  I had to tink back about 1"...
I was afraid it would be too long.  Tinking takes
so much longer than knitting!

 Working on ribbing for sock for mom.
Yarn is Fresh from the Cauldron.
I started with Addi Flexiflips needles. I thought I would like
them since I make socks on two circs. But I did not like them at
all. They need to be about 2" longer in my opinion.
So I switched back to two circs.

Look how the yarn is pooling...sigh.

I figured out that if I slip two stitches out of eight, every four
rows or so, it helps.
But still kinda weird, huh.
I think I'll manipulate the stitches on the needles to make a nicer
front and back. 

Ruth finished up her Baby Sneakers by Keri Williams.

Aren't they totally adorable!

Martha is working on her shawl...
Reminder she is making hers one color.

In other news:

Joe went fishing and caught lots of  huge perch!

Joey and Casey went to yet another wedding
My brother won the New York State STA shooting
championship - B class!

Martha had her whole family home for the weekend...first
time her kids have seen each other in a long time.

Picture is Tom, Emma, and her husband Mark.
What a nice family!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Lovin Summer

 We are loving the summer weather. But it's been HOT here this
week.  The pool has been well used for sure. The last couple
of days have been much cooler which is great for sleeping.
Not sure about tonight  :)

I finished up Joe's socks with cotton and bamboo and
wool. He has yet to try them on. I hope they fit and he
likes them. 

Started the Shakerag sweater three times.  I did the math,
and more math and it wasn't right. Hoping 3rd time is a charm.
I have tried it on, but trying on bottom up sweaters is not as
accurate as top down.

I'm using this yarn, with a little different gauge...
hence all of the math.
I do like it so far.

As of this morning, Ruth finished up the Tomten
and had to hand sew in the zipper.
As of tonight, it's  done!
Great job on knitting, color selection and the zipper!
Lucky baby for sure.

Martha will be done with her 2nd sock by tonight.

She was busy putting rock down by the outside water faucet.
Lots of work.

In other news:
We went boating with the kids today. So fun.

Have a great week dear blog readers...stay cool!

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Oh man, it's hot in the house tonight. No Air conditioning.
At all.  Pool feels good but that helps for about a minute.
So blog post will be short..too hot to sit here and write.

Started toe decreases on 2nd sock.  I'll be glad when these are done.
With the knitting time I have, it takes me 4 weeks to finish a  pair.
Seems long to me, but that's what it is. 

 Here is a swatch for a summer sweater I'm going to start...
More about this next week.

Ruth is moving right along on the Tomten sweater (coat)
I saw it in person this is sooo nice.

 Martha finished up her first sock and has a good start on
the 2nd. I saw this in person this week and the colors are so cool.

So seeing both of these things in person means I saw
Ruth and Martha. YEP ! Both of them. together.
Martha was in from Mass. So good to see them. It is fun
to have show and tell. The  knitting is always to much
better in person than in pictures.

till next week !

Sunday, June 24, 2018


Hey there dear blog readers....Happy Summer.
As I write this it's 64 degrees and my bare feet
are freezing!  I guess summer is coming end of next

 I finished up Joe's first sock this week, and started the
2nd one.  On Friday, Mickey walked by the end table
and his giant fluffy tail swooshed this piece of paper
onto the rug. It is upside down.

Note giant fluffy tail:
I picked up the paper and saw this:

The notes I had made for the first sock. I was supposed to
add 8 stitches after ribbing, which I forgot!  So I had to rip
about 3" back to ribbing.  I would be on my way down the
foot by now, but I'm just doing the heel gusset.

I have been feeling all of those things in the subject line,
fidgety, anxious, etc, because I only have one brainless project
going.  I know some of you are faithful to one project till it's done,
but I'm not like that.  I need the stimulation of a challenge and a simple
thing going all at once.  I started something kind of cool, and if it
works out (I've already ripped it 3x), I will show you next week.

Ruth asked if I had finished up the cable sweater...NOPE!
But I did put it by my chair this morning to work on in the next
couple of days before it gets super hot.

Ruth is coming along with her Tomten.  She is playing a bit of
yarn chicken.  I think it's totally adorable!
Lucy is watching it pretty closely

Martha is working away on her socks.  Her own pattern:
R1; k1tb, p3, yo, p2tog, p2, k1tb
R2-8; k1tb, p7, k1tb. Repeat.

The colors are really cool.
Note the difference on the leg and then the foot...

In other news:
I've not nothin!

have a great week dear blog readers...Happy Knitting

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Post

I know it's obvious that it's Father's Day, but sometimes
I have trouble coming up with post titles...the holidays
save me!  LOL

I am done with the Bare Braches shawl, I'll see
if I have enough yarn for tassles....I hope I do
because they would be cute.

I take horrible knitting selfies, but this is more of a 
true color.
Wollmeise yarn

Very nice pattern and yarn combo!
I'll see if Joe will help me get better pictures for next week.

I am almost ready to decrease for toe on his socks.
The color is actual lavendar. (reminder his choice!)

 Ruth started a Tomten 
using red and a speckle yarn. She hopes she has
enough. This will be toddler size
She has made a few of these before...all wonderful.
I have never made one..have you?

I have not heard from Martha today,she is hopefully
outside enjoying nice weather activities.

In other news:

We celebrated fathers day yesterday.  I'm so thankful to have 
dad around!

Aren't  my brother and his wife a cute

 Mark and Max

Joe and Joey went fishing is one of the
big walleye they caught

Today I drove far away 2.5 hours each way to see my
dear friend Ann who is home from  Arizona for a visit.
We started working together when we were just 20 years
old...and she was in our wedding. She hasn't changed a bit.

It's been really dry here, we need rain.
the flowers are so pretty...but I need to water them everyday.

 This fella was watching the party from afar yesterday

I'm going to  knit on those socks..I'm already sick of them and
have one to go!  Yikes...
have a great week dear blog readers.