Sunday, April 23, 2017


I'm short on knitting inspiration this week.
Have had a super busy week, and just don't have the
time or energy to do a proper post...sorry to Ruth and
Martha who sent their updates.

Joe and I spent the weekend celebrating our
34th wedding anniversary. We were such kids
when we got married....LOL  Had some fun times
this weekend, as we always seem to.

The fun was tainted with this.
We had to have our darling KeeLee
put to sleep on  Friday. It tore both of us
She has been such a big happy part of our
life for the last year of her 14 years.
We will dearly miss her.

Sorry that's all I've got today.
More knitting news next week.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


What a NICE day today. Happy  Easter....
just below 80 here...but breezy  phew.. the wind.

I finished up the first mitten (I'll do both thumbs
at the same time).  I like it!  NICE!  Except for the ladders.
You can see in the 2nd picture how it all looks wonky.
I'm really hoping most of that will block out.
Fingers crossed!  It's all helical two colors, except the ribbing
bottom, and the purple top where the decreases started.
It's hard to tell in some of the colors.

 Just have the ribbing done on mitten #2.

Ruth is just about done with arm decreases on first
sweater front.  What a lot of cables...NICE!

Martha is cruising down the foot of her NICE Old Joe 2nd sock
in Happy  Feet yarn.

 In other news....

Tiffany's mother in law got KeeLee a beautiful
EASTER outfit, with her name on the collar.
So NICE of her.
KeeLee was not impressed...but did pose.
This pic is more of the actual color...
very pink!

I made Joe and the kids a little Easter basket....not much
but just enough.

I'm super tired this weekend for some reason. Heading out for
a little walk, then Knitting! 
Have a great week dear blog readers...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I'm happy to say I finished up the Helical mitts this week.
The Good!
I don't really need them, so will put them away for Christmas or
Very fun knit.

And tada...also finished up the scarf. 
Another good!
I love the way it blocked out.
Colors are much more vibrant than in these pics.
On the last row, I knit one row of purple, so it would look
better when I kitchnered it together.
It is very long...very long...but it twists up nice on the neck.
I have enough yarn left to make some mitts...maybe helical again.
I measured each ball, then split it in two, mostly even balls.
Then I measured again, and put in two rows, so a little bigger
one next to a little smaller one.
Then remeasured and each half weighed almost exactly the same.

 We'll see what I come up with. (I have already ripped twice).

While I was finishing the scarf..half way thru the last color
this happened.
The Bad!
The needle snapped...see the wood split?
I had to get out the gray needle and put the stitches on there.
I had to kind of wrestle three stitches together and it snapped
way below...makes me mad because they were not that old.

 Ruth is working along on her first sweater front and ran
into pattern difficulties.  This is not the first time this has happened
to her in the last several months...poorly written pattern. She is a very
talented sweater knitter, so it's not her.  She is going to try and figure it
out..wishing her luck...
Martha has a good start on her 2nd sock:
Old Joe pattern by Yarn Harlot....

In other news:

Quite the snow storm here on Friday.  It melted pretty quick,
but made a huge mess after all of the rain we got on

 Yesterday and today have  been quite lovely!

Mom and dad came for lunch today. Joe made fish dinner.
Totally delish!

Have a great week dear knitters...
Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


As the name of the blog implies, knitting is very medatative
to me (knitting medatation - knitatation)
I worked on a couple of projects this week that were
very medatative to me.
 The Hyacinthus arm warmer.  Technique is helical stripes.
I'm a little surprised at how dominant the blue is.

 Koigu ppm multi color, and Loopy Ewe solids.
Size 1.5 needle
Just starting the thumb on the 2nd one.
Really hoping I have enough of the Koigu to finish up

Also worked a little on the custom scarf this week.
The last three colors are not that different.
Look close to see the color change

 I like all of the colors together  very relaxing to  knit

I did not work on the giant sock at all...maybe this

Ruth is moving along on her sweater!

 Harrisville yarn. Granite State pattern.
She'll be done with the back in no time.

Martha finished up her first Old Joe sock...and had
very little yarn left!

In other news:
the boys went fishing today.  Unusual for Joey to
go with Joe..they caught tons of fish!
Took them forever to clean them...we will have
fish for a long time...yea!
Glad they had fun
Ruth asked about the color of our house since it was sided
so I took a picture
Definitely needs landscaping done!
That may be a 2-year project

Made pizza on Friday

and finally, can I just say, it's about time:

Have a great week dear blog readers,
sounds like more April showers to bring on the flowers!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Starts and Stops

I don't know about you, but this time of year I get bored...
with everything!  Even knitting.  I want to start and start
and start projects, without any thought of finishing them.
Not good.  This weekend, I managed to finish up the
baby sweater.
Granny's Favourite
Size 7 needle
Valley Yarn - Haydenville

 I got the daisy buttons in Nashville.
Thought I would have enough yarn left for a
hat, but I don't think I do. I added the pattern
to the bottom of sweater...I like it...for little Miss Shaw
due end of June.

Working on infinity scarf.
About 1/2 way done with color 4.

I asked Joe what he thought and all he said was
"I like the purple"....LOL

Decided I liked the giant sock again. so got the heel
turned today.  Do you do that?  Work on something
so long you get sick of it and have to put it down for
a while, then fall in love with it again?

I joined some thing that is a year of techniques...
the first one is helical stripes.  Pattern is Hyacinthus...
fingerless mitts. I did helical stripes before, but this
is a bit different.  Using Koigu yarn, and the blue yarn
is Loopy Ewe Solid Series blue. 

So far so good.  I altered the ribbing quite a bit
Called for 72 stitches, I used 48, then increased
to 58 before starting stripes.  kind of far.

Here is the koolaid died yarn all wound up.
Notice one ball is more blue, that must have been
on the bottom.

I swatched a little with 30 stitches. For a sock
it will look different, because of more stitches.

Joe and Joey BOTH like it a lot, so one of them will
get crazy socks for  Christmas!  I think its a little wild
for a baby sweater...what do you think?

Ruth is working on her Harrisville sweater...
I love the color!

She has had a lot of time this week where she had to sit and
visit, so she picked up a sock she started a while ago.

After Martha's crazy baby blanket, she is doing a sock.

Old Joe pattern....

Yarn  / pattern combo are great, don't you think?

A co-worker brought me flowers this week.
Warmed my heart.  She had a tough couple
of weeks and I helped her out a bit.
I asked her what the flowers were for and
she said
"cause you're the most adorable thing on the planet"..
LOL...she needs to get out more!

And finally, it rained and rained and rained
all day yesterday.  There is something so endearing
when a guy takes a little dog out in her rain coat!

Have a great week dear blog readers!!!! Knit like
the wind before spring gets here!