Sunday, October 23, 2016


I am still all aglow from the yarn-high at
Rhinebeck...Hard to believe it was a week
ago already...

Finished up the Plain socks for Betty.
Socks that  Rock yarn.

The second one went pretty fast for me.
Started last Thursday and finished up this Friday.
I had a lot of car knitting time to and from Rhinebeck....
And of course talking to the girls at Rhinebeck...
where we just talked about wonderful.

Started a new pair of socks with Rhinebeck yarn.
Fiber Optics. My personal FAVORITE!
Color is Pewter.  Wanted a little pop of color
so used some leftover Socks that Rock.  I will do
a pink toe also.
Wanted a pretty basic pattern, with no holes (lots of lace).
I settled on the Wildflower socks, by fpea.
Pretty easy to make bumps.  Supposed to do the
bumps with 3 plain rows in between, but that was too much.
5 was too much, so I decided on 7 plain rows in between and
so far so good.
Actually got another repeat done on
Cup of Tea socks.  

Ruth has finished up her Hanami stole !!!!
It is so so beautiful.....look at it all blocked out!
A lot of work and it is stunning!

She started   Stephen West's Dotted Rays shawl. 
Using Jill Drapers Rifton 600 gradient yarn.
So far so good!!!

Martha finished knitting Kelmscott, and got buttons
at Rhinebeck...all ready to wear. It is truly a classic piece.
She showed us at  Rhinebeck.

She is at the bottom band of her sock yarn sweater.
It is really really nice and FUN in person...a lot of work.

 Have a wonderful, knitful week dear blog readers.
Cold enough that I had to get all of the handmade socks
out.  brrrrrr

Sunday, October 16, 2016

All About Rhinebeck!

 This post is all about Rhinebeck, and
very pictureliscius!

But first, here comes the bride!
Tiffany and Mark's wedding was very magical.
I will post more pictures at a later date.

 On Friday, Ruth, Martha and I went to the Vanderbuilt mansion
in Hyde Park, NY.

 Very classy. 
Here are the girls inside...kind of dark for a proper picture.

 Saturday was very cold (frosty) in the morning.
We went to ABC buildings first, and by the time we got out,
it had really warmed up.

 We were all taken by the cute animals this year

We did not purchase a lot this year, but what we did get
was fantastic!
My stash includes a Rhinebeck fleece, yarn from
Fiber Optics, some special Buffalo yarn for a cowl 
and gradient for a Rhinebeck 2017 shawl.

Also a little cup to go along with the tall mug from
last year.  So stinkin cute!
Ruth got us the Rhinebeck bag from last year!
Both girls spoiled us, with special gifts.

Martha got:
Nice throw, gradient yarn, Mitten book, buttons, fleece,
mug,and a nice card.
She wanted some Miss Babs Rhinebeck special edition
yarn, but it was gone....sigh.

Ruth got:
The fleece her stuff is on....a nice green mug, gradient yarn,
yarn for a beautiful fall shawl, mitten book, throw, buttons
and gradient yarn.

We ate some really really wonderful meals.
Had a lot of laughs and a lot of knitting time.
It was wonderful.

Joe did a little fishing while we were gone.  These
are a few of his fish from today. He had most of them
cleaned by the time I got home.  Yesterday he got
triple this amount.

Have a great week dear blog readers.
Night girls!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

What a Fast Year

Well, it's here. Tiffany's wedding. It seems like
we had so much time to plan when she got engaged
on Christmas Eve...
Next Saturday, October 8th is the day.
Ready or not!

I finished up the Marduta shawl today. It needs blocking.
TuckerWoods Yarn

Estrellita - 2 ply lace

Size 4 Addi Turbo Lace Needle
I did not do the edge design called for in the pattern.
I think its nice just the way it is.

Still decreasing the heel on the plain sock.

I will just focus on this until the wedding...

Ruth is working on the shawl...
Hanami by Melanie Gibbons. Yarn is Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud.
So wonderfully nice, don't you think?

Martha continues with her sweater...she is questioning
the colors, but carrying on. I like it a lot.
It looks like sooo much work!  I will get to see it in
person in 2 weeks at Rhinebeck.

Speaking of is her birthday.
I love this picture of her, taken last year.

Have a wonderful week dear blog readers....
Not sure if I will do a post next week or the week after.
Next week is the wedding and week after is Rhinebeck.
I'll try to post something between now and then.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I wore socks this week!

It sure feels like fall this weekend. Beautiful, but chilly.
I wore socks!'

The Marduta shawl continues to grow. I will have
enough yarn to finish this repeat, and maybe do 1/2
more. Which is great, but I'm running out of time.
 I hardly knit at all this week.  Yikes !

Got the heel turned on the sock.  Did the
heel in the light gray yarn.....which I had intended to do
the first time, but forgot.
Ruth is coming along on the Hanami Shawl
with the Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Oyster Color.

Once she gets done with this complex part, the
rest will be easier. .Soooooo lovely!

Martha has made great progress in her color sweater
this week.
There are a lot of stitches, and she is excited to
be almost ready to split the sleeves off.
So nice, huh!

In other news.....
I got some fall decorations for the front of the house today.
Mums and pumpkins....

they make me happy

Joe went fishing and caught a mess of bluegills.
he had a wonderful day on the water. Said it
was very fun.

I have to go work on the stole...people wish me a lot
of knitting time this week. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another week gone by

Another week gone by, only three weeks till Tiffany's
wedding!  Yikes!  I need to get my shawl done.

 I have 8 repeats done.  Reminder there was a provisional cast on.
I love the pattern so much, I am not going to put the different
pattern on each end.  Instead of wondering if I had enough
yarn to go back and do the 3 rows of garter and bind off...I cut
the yarn and picked up the provisional stitches and finished it

 Now I think I have enough  yarn to do 1/2 repeat, and the 3 garter
rows/bind off.  I will be very glad to get this done.

I tried the sock on today, and there seemed to be
extreme bunching at the ankle.  Yuck. So I ripped back to
5.5" on the foot and decreased 4 stitches...I think it will
be much better.  Though I was getting excited to be
nearing the end of this sock.

Here is a picture of Ruth's finished cowl!
Stunning !!!!

She started a wedding shawl for her future
Knitpicks yarn
Hanami Stole by Melaine Gibbons.

Martha is working away on her sweater, and ready
to switch colors. She included a picture of the pattern
so we can see what it will look like.
Very nice!!!

In other news
Joe went fishing this morning, just on the dock of
the Erie  Canal.  He was happy.
I love this picture !!!

I made eggs and ham with tomatoes from our
tomato tree, and fresh delish!

Joe cooked chicken on the grill tonight.
Seems we have that every Sunday, which I love.
Those are peppers he is roasting.

Have a wonderful knitful week.