Sunday, July 17, 2016

Phew! It's Hot

 It has been very hot here in Western NY and in fact we are officially
in drought conditions.  The little bit of rain seems to go a mile north
or south of us.  HOT to sleep!
I managed to work a bit on Sofie sweater this week.  The body after
the arms are separated are supposed to be 16". I'm going to try it on
at 14" to see how it looks. I'm quite short and hate too long sweaters.
My goal is to wear it this summer.  It is, after all, a summer sweater!

Martha is working on a cowl from a kit from Ruth. No other
details at this time. I love the colors!
Ruth is working on a pair of picture this week.
She is traveling.  Look at this cute little car she saw at
a car show yesterday:
She has a "think" for MiniCoopers...and drives one herself...
so cute!

Joe has been watering his garden like mad. 

He and I went fishing today and caught two.
No one was catching much, so we were happy with 2.
No pictures...darn!

Joey is cooking chicken for dinner.

The boys finished up the brick work since last blog post.
I like it a lot

KeeLee got a  haircut this week and feels sooo much better!

and Mickey did not!
Happy knitting this week. Stay cool.

Monday, July 4, 2016

A little knitting...finally!

I might have told a little fib when I said I wasn't knitting much.
Actually, I was knitting this little beauty for Tiffany's wedding.

I will gift it to her at the shower on Sunday.
Boo Knits design, Sweet Dreams Shawl.

Hand Maiden Fine Yarn - Sea Lace  70% Silk / 30% Sea Cell

There are lots of beads in the shawl, but you c can't see them in the pictures.
I did not like knitting with beads and this yarn, very splitty.

Had enough yarn left over to knit a little bag.
I doubled the yarn for structure.  See the beads!
I will attempt to add a liner, but that may not come
till after the shower.

Finally!! turned the heel on this sock.
It's a nice plain simple brainless project.

This is the Sofie sweater.  The back has this cute honeycomb pattern.
I am ready to put the sleeves on a string.

In other news...the boys worked on the front patio this weekend.
We had the sidewalk put in last year, and I decided on brick to fill
in the space around the cute cherry tree.

It took a lot of work to get to this nice flat base.

There is more done than the above picture, but they ran out of dark
bricks so have to get more.  That is the challenge since the place
closes before we get out of work. So it might be next weekend before
it gets done.  Sigh. It is really nice and worth the wait.

This is the sunrise one morning this past week. I thought it was so

Having a lot of trouble with my camera lately. I have more pictures
but they did not copy over. 

Have a nice week. Next week is the shower so no post. I will
get back to every Sunday posts once that is over....

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Picture-Less Post

How dull, right?  Post with no pictures.
My knitting is at a stand still right least
the knitting I can talk about. Ready to turn heel on sock.
Started a sweater, but not enough done to write about.
Martha had an interesting thing happen with her
sweater collar...more about that next week.
Ruth was away so no pictures.

Very hot here. Hoping a jump in the icy pool
will help us sleep. A better post next week..promise!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sweaters from the Girls

Ruth and Martha are dong great with their sweaters.

 Martha is working on the collar for Kelmscott Sweater.

 the collar is as complex as the body.

I think it looks heirloom quality!

Ruth is done decreasing for sweater sleeve.
Minetta by Kristen Kapur. Yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield.
It wont take her long to finish up the 2nd sleeve.

I might start a summer sweater soon....

believe it or not there is progess on the sock. 1/2" to go and
I can start the heel gussett.

It's very cold here today. 60's and sooo very windy. yuck.
The boys have been working outside ...they say its good
working weather.

Have a great week dear knitters.

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Well here we are in June already! Yikes!
Tiffany is getting married in four months.

 I have about 3 more inches on Joey's sock before
I start the heel flap. I have a few big projects going on
that are taking a lot of time. I wish they were
knitting projects!

Ruth is moving right along on her sweater.
Yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield. Merino, alpaca, and silk. Color is grape. Pattern is Minetta by Kristin Kapur. 
 I love how its turning. She is going to do a little waist shaping for
a feminine look.

Martha has the collar figured out on her sweater.
She will be done in no time.  Love the details in this sweater.

In other news:

We had a birthday party for mom and Joe on Friday.
I can't believe I didn't get any pictures.  Well one...
check this out. 
Tiffany made a cheese board that was the hit of the party!
Everyone loved it! 

I would make it again in a minute, but it was very pricey.
Well worth it!

Have a great knitting week !

Sunday, May 22, 2016

It Warmed Up!

Nice and summery this weekend...which explains the
lack of knitting progress to report.  I am super busy on
a project that is taking most of my spare time, and unfortunately,
it doesn't involve knitting.

Mom's Cup of Tea socks are coming along.  I have turned the
heel and turtling down the foot.

 I like the accent color.  I think I will use that for the toe, also,
to stretch the yarn.

 Martha has re-engineered her sweater collar a bit, and hopes
to get some time to knit on it tonight.  The color is a bit more
teal than the picture shows.   Klemscott pattern, published in Twist
collective, by Caroline Bergeron. The yarn is WEBs Stockbridge.
The actual color is more teal.  BIK!!

Ruth is traveling this week - no new updates.

Have a nice summery week!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Brrrr - It's really May?

We had snow, sleet and freezing rain here today. Is it really
May 15th?  I hope this is it for the cold weather!
I've done a little knitting since last post.

Finished Joey's first sock.
Panda SilkYarn
Size 0 needle.
Yarn Harlot round toe.
Second one barely started.
 Worked a bit on mom's My Cup of Tea socks.
Nice pattern, easy.
Heritage Sock Yarn

 I'm not sure what this contrast yarn is.
I'm sooo not sure I don't think I should use for the heel
in case its only merino, or I will add a lot of reinforcement.
I like the color though.

Ruth is moving along on her new sweater.
Minetta pattern by Kristen Kapur
Yarn is Valley Yarns Northfiled (merino, alpaca, silk) in grape Colorway.
 This color is better to actual color

 Really classy, don't you think!

Martha is almost done with her sweater...a real work of art:

 These girls are such good sweater knitters!

Have a nice week and stay warm...