Sunday, December 10, 2017

Touch Screen

 I kinda wish we had "touch screen" knitting.
These mittens feel sooo nice and soft.
Ghostwood Mittens.
One done, one 2/3 done.

This is the first time I've used an afterthought thumb, and I like it.
The plain gray yarn is very utilitarian, but the plymouth
Kid Gloss has darker and lighter colors, and makes it
Notice the pop of pink in the thumb and ribbing.
That is because it is a set to go with the
Gnarled Entling warmer I just finished.
For Casey, who loves ear warmers,

and loves pink

and does not love hats or socks!  My son has a
girlfriend that does not wear socks, only when it's really
cold...LOL...hopefully she will like these.

Martha has worked on her sweater all weekend...
She has one more inch to go then split for the sleeves...
Reminder, this is Ann Hanson's Highlander Pattern.

Ruth is working on her socks, not enough new progress for
a new pic.

In other news
I had another pair of socks blow holes thru the bottom,
on both socks...I have already repaired them once, so I
guess I have to throw them out.  After Christmas knitting, I
really need to knit a pair for myself.

finally got the real tree decorated.

I wish Christmas trees photographed better.

And my friend Betty got me a cookie jar with a kitty
wearing a sign on his neck that says "I knocked the lights
off the Christmas tree".  LOL. I put it under the tree to see
what Mickey would do. I'm not sure if he is guarding his tree,
or the cookie jar kitty. what do you think?
 It's snowing here, so pretty and Christmasy.  I'm going to knit
until it's time to go to bed.  Have a great knitting week
dear blog readers...

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cute Stuff

Lots of cute stuff this week.

Started the 2nd sock...this pic is kind of blurry.
I did not really care for this morning hugs pattern, though the 1st
sock turned out nice. It is kind of hard on my hands, all of the
back and forth knits and purls....

That's about all of the knitting I've done this week.
Busy decorating the house for Christmas.

I have the yarn wound for the JFY4 mystery that starts
on Dec 13th.  Cascade 220.

Martha has fixed her sweater!
The sweater is 8.5” reknitted.  This yarn is from Ensign Brook Farm, in Greenwich NY down by Ithaca.  No details about the yarn.  This is Anne Hanson’s Highlander pattern.   
Nice huh!!

Ruth is knitting socks. Blue Moon Socks that Rock yarn...
Plain pattern...
 She has started therapy on her hand, which
makes her sore some days.   Great progress !

In other news:
Took this pic of mom and dad last week that I think
is cute.

Took these pictures of Phoebe yesterday.  She is
5 months old and perfect.  This is Phoebe with her mom Jen.
and a couple with Tiffany
Got the fake tree decorated.....
Got the real tree, but not decorated yet....tomorrow

I guess that's it...I'm off to knit on the socks...

Have a great week dear blog readers.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Heat is On....

The heat is on to get the Christmas knitting done.
There is an extra week before Christmas this year, and
I'm in great shape!

Finished up the Padina Pavonia Sock.
 I'm actually very happy with them. Blocking really
opened the pattern up. For my SIL for Christmas.

I have a bit done on the socks using the
Morning Hugs pattern.
Close to starting the heel. I was going to use an
afterthought heel, but not sure now.
The pattern is easilymemorized, but a little fiddly at first.  Hard to see the pattern in the pics...

Started a pair of Ghostwood Mittens to go with the headband
I recently made.  Put just a touch of pink at the cast on edge.
Using Berroco Ultra 100% superwash wool, and Plymouth Kid Gloss yarn
held double. 

Martha is quite far on her sweater, but found a booboo down
a bit.  I'll let her tell you about it....

Martha's own words:
Can you see the mistake in my sweater?😲 I was cruising along, medicating my tendinitis so I could speed along on my sweater. It looks good, right?  Yeah right,   until you look at the at the pattern! Do you see to the right of the pink cable needle sticking out, that's supposed to be k1p1 pattern not garter. It changed all the patterning on that side... 😢😢😢😢

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, I think I'll rip down and correct them, ugh. Maybe I'll time that too see how many years long that takes 😢🙄.
I feel her pain. I have to rip my sweater out yet, once the
Christmas  knitting is done, I never noticed my mistake till
I looked at the blog.
She is also working on her  vibrant socks!
I'm glad she has these fun socks to help her
recover from the sweater ripping!

Guess what!  Ruth is  knitting a long as she
does not do  too many purls, she is ok!  Yippee!
She will be back on the blog in no time.

In other news:

Did you check out the Indie  Giftalong yet?
I got a couple cute patterns...

I also joined the Just for you 4 knitalong.  It's a project
that can be done in a few days, just an hour a day to spend
on yourself with the craziness of holiday season.  
I am going to use Cascade 220 yarn, in burgandy and

In other news:

Joe went fishing on Friday...
He and his friend caught a lot of perch.

After hosting Thanksgiving, I felt like a truck
ran over me on Friday...LOL.

Got the sleigh filled with green on Small Merchant Saturday

Today I made sausage soup that contains: apple/onion sausage, 
onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, corn, diced tomatoes, green beans,
black beans and spinich.  Yummmmm
and some pumpkin/apple muffins to go along with it.

That's all I've got. What are you knitting?  Have a wonderful
week, dear blog readers. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pre-Thanksgiving Post

Thursday is did that happen?
I am trying so hard to get the house ready for the
22 we will have for dinner.  I won't get it all done, but
hopeful, to get most done.  Therefore, not much knitting
this week.

Have turned the heel on the 2nd sock, and am almost
done with the decreases.
I cheated and started another sock.  The pattern is
free on Ravelry, Morning Hugs...which is originally
a baby sock, but I'm using the stitch pattern.
The blue yarn is Austerman and the red is Knitpicks.
For some reason, this color combo makes me happy.
I'm going to try an afterthought heel...maybe...

Martha is starting socks in this nice crazy yarn.
She is also starting a new sweater....Anne Hanson Highlander...
She spent a lot of time adding markers and concentrating and
wrapping her head around the pattern. Her sweater will be almost
same color as model.  Nice !

Ruth is still not knitting. She is on vacation this week...not knitting.

The Indie Giftalong starts on the 21st...a great way to get nice patterns
from your favorite designers at a discounted price...

Have a nice holiday.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Much colder here in Western New York this week....
snow!  We still have a lot of leaves hanging on the trees.

I have finished up the first Padina Pavonia Sock.
It looks like Curly Sue...LOL.  I have just a start on
sock #2. I decided to do 8 rows of ribbing at the
top to make it stay up on the leg.

 I will try to concentrate on these this week.
Pattern is easily memorized.
Fiber Optics  Sock yarn....

Also 2/3 of the way done with the Gnarled Entling Ear  Warmer.
The yarn is Plymouth Merino Select, held double.
I made this pattern for Tiffany a couple years ago...these
are for Casey.

Finished up the Penchant Hat for my brother.
Cascade 220  Superwash yarn.
This pic probably shows the pattern the best.
Joey is modeling for me...(it is no shave November...yuck!)
Joe tried this on and loved the way it hugged his head,
not too big. I think its the ribbing....I'll make him one, but
probably not until after Christmas.

This was a fun fun I didn't want to stop...LOL

For Christmas presents I still have to make Joe and Tiffany something.
Then I will have made everyone I love presents...hopefully they
appreciate it as much as I love making them...and thinking about the
person with each stitch.

Martha finished up  her socks.
These are the Bricker pattern by Anne Hanson.  
This is the Wisdom Yarn, Angola Lace yarn

Ruth is still not able to knit. Her new cast is very irritating
on her thumb.  I feel so bad for her. She is doing lots of things,
just not knitting yet. 

I did a lot of cooking today. Made a meat sauce.
Instead of zoodles, I made a veggie medley to put the sauce
on rather than eating so much pasta.
I can't wait for dinner!