Sunday, November 22, 2015

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is Thursday! Where did the time go?
Not much knitting for me this week...I worked a little
on the Regia sock.  I'm liking it better.  Ruth said it will
be very sturdy and wear like iron which will be perfect!  :) 

Tiffany delivered Chase's hat today. He is up to 8 lbs!

Martha is at gussett of her 2nd sock...Lorna's Laces Solemate
Plain vanilla pattern.

 Ruth started a new sweater and will send updates next week ....
I can tell you it's gonna be a beauty!

 Joe went fishing yesterday. It was cold!  He worked hard
to get them. Here are a couple pic of the really big ones.
Last night we celebrated dad's 82nd birthday!
Not a very good pic but only one I have.

 Mom and Tiff

 I'm making pies and rolls for Thanksgiving...what are you making?
Safe travels and Happy Knitting!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

It's in the Details

Sometimes, knitting simple things look so easy..but it's in the
details that make them so special.  Yesterday morning, I decided
I needed to make a hat for my dad...his birthday is Saturday.
My dad is always he always gets something warm
for his birthday...LOL

My basic hat pattern...K2 P2  100 stitches, worsted weight yarn.
Plymouth Select Superwash. I love that yarn. It's a little pricey, but
Dizzy Sheep has it on special once in a while.  For a head its great.

See how it folds...well when I folded the wrong side it has that
ugly joining what I did was...when I got to the top
and started the decrease...I purled in stead of knit

Then turned it inside out

and when folded over, it looks great with the little pop of green.
The P2 together makes a cute looking stitch pattern on the wrong side...

see the cute p2 togethers...this is the "wrong side" which is now the right side
 the side I worked on....

I think dad will like it...
or maybe I should give it to Chase's dad...Jake...since they are kinda similar colors.
I swear I didn't realize it till both were done...

Washed and blocked the teal socks..Shur'tgal pattern.
the color is so wonderful..does not show up here
Started some plain vanilla socks....
the colors are kind of fugly but manly...and I like the
pattern the yarn is making all on its own...
hey, we have to use up stash, right?

Ruth is almost done with her sock blank socks...
 Martha is doing some plan vanilla socks
Love the colors
Lorna's Laces Comfort socks.
We all have socks going again...

Joe went fishing today...was a beautiful day here...nice perch
have a great week....

Sunday, November 8, 2015

In my second life, I want to come back as a.....

 sock drawer.....
The time we put into a pair of socks..and who sees them...
we see them when we put them on, and take them off.  The rest
of the time the details are hidden under pants and in shoes.
The sock drawer gets the most time with them.
I finished up the Shur'tgal socks today.
Fiber Optics yarn, size 1.25 needles.
It usually takes me 4 weeks to do a week for leg, one week
for foot x two.  This is the last pair I had to do before Christmas...I might
sneak another pair in.

This year I made the biggest ones first, and finished up with these
size 6.5. 
They need to be blocked yet, and I have to reinforce the heel., but I don't
feel like doing that tonight.
The little detail before starting decreasing is so cute...but no one will see it...
I will  know its there (me and the sock drawer).

I do have to say though, that Joe does show off his sock patterns.
He raises his pants at work and says look what my wife made me.
I really don't think truck drivers and construction dudes care, but he
said it gives them something to talk about in the winter when its so cold
out and they are sneaking inside for a few minutes to try and get warm.
Gotta love that guy!

I finished up the baby hat this week. Sock yarn.
A nice distraction from the complex blue socks.

I added the gray color to make the green stretch.  I did a little research
to make the stripes look better (better than my usual).  I knit a plain
row when adding a new color. It does not mess with the ribbing.
Also moved the new color start around so it was a few stitches past
the last new color.
See how they are a little off? This way its not so obvious.
I'm happy with the results and can't wait to see it on Little Chase.

I'm at a loss of what to knit next.  Maybe start socks?  I have a lot of

In other news...
We were all missing mom and dad so I had them for dinner today.
I made butternut squash soup....and it was totally delish!
Not too much cream as it was nice and thick on it's own.
Recipe from Pioneer Woman.

Made roast pork, applesauce, mashed potatoes/gravy and green beans to
go with it. Mom brought cole slaw.
Yummy. I had to remove my plate from the table after this so I didn't go
back for 2nds 3rds and 4ths like everyone else.

The fall has been so nice and warm here. I took a little walk after dinner
and the sky was beautiful....

Ruth and Martha are having a sister weekend so no updates from
them this week.  Martha wore her Lili Pilli shawl this week and got
lots of compliments...and Ruth finished up her first sock from the
sock blank.  They will update next week.

Have a wonderful week...happy knitting!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

November.....Really? It's Gonna be 70 this week!

The weather has been a good way!
70's this coming week..nice...saves on fuel...

I managed to finish up the let on the 2nd sock.
Fiber Optics yarn
I hope I can get  it close to done this week.
I am really sick of it...

I have been working on a baby hat the last  couple of days.
Using leftover sock yarn, and mixing in a gray color
to stretch the green.

Little Chase wears the first one I gave him all of the time,
so I wanted to make him one a little bigger.
(sorry I could not size picture smaller)


His due date was to be this week..I think he is 7 weeks old now.

Ruth finished up her Pea Trellis nice. I can't wait to see it in person.

Martha finished up her Lilli Pilli today.  She said
she feels better that it took so long once she realized
it was enough yarn to make a sweater with sock yarn!

She has to block it yet.
Yesterday was Halloween,
we got only a couple of kids. But we knew the parents
so it was fun. They stayed a while. We had a dance party
with Little Aubrey (Mark's niece).

She was a pink pony

Can you see the pink tail swirling?

We got Mark to wear the pink mane...Aubrey was not
Hayden came too

Halloween was Joe's dad's birthday.  Joey has shot a few deer
on Halloween, and he always says grampa was watching over him.
Don was an avid hunter, though not with a bow.  Joey, as my mom
calls it, has a deadeye.  This year he continued with the tradition.
A nice 7-point.  Second deer with his bow this year. To me this
is way better than a gun shot. I am giddily proud of him.
(is that a word?)

Joe and I took a nice scenic ride to Naples today and came
home along Canandaigua Lake thru Cheshire. It is a little blip
of a town maybe 1.5 miles long. .... well the whole strip, I mean
every yard, every tree, and every business was covered in
toilet paper. This picture is just a little blip of what it was like...

Have a good week..enjoy the will end soon I'm afraid.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rhinebeck 2015

Ruth, Martha and I had a fabulous time at
Rhinebeck this year. Such a good time in fact,
that this is the only picture from the
festival that I have.

 We all  controlled our spending this year......
This is my stash...
Sweatshirt from festival, 4 skeins of yarn...
a beautiful mug
 Martha got two skeins of yarn, gloves,
sweatshirt and a mug

 Ruth got that pretty fleece her stuff is on,
a mug, , long sleeve T-shirt, two  yarn
kits, buttons and a mug

Friday we went to FDR 's house.  This is the back view

 This is the front,,, pretty, huh
 Ruth is working on her shawl.
So so pretty.
Pea Trellis by Anne Hanson
Martha has started the 2nd lace section of
her Lilli Pilli shawl. Its very pretty in person,
you can't really see the strip color here like
you can in person....

 I got my yarn wound

 I really liked the Mt  Rutsen Studio yarn....

 And of course, my favorite, Fiber Optics
had ot split the yarn in two balls because there
was a knot... remember...there
are no knots in knitting !!!

 I finished up the first Shur'tgal sock.
Like how the pattern makes a baby diamond
before starting the toe decrease.

 Different heel
 this is the truest  color picture
 I took careful notes...want them both to be the same...

Have a  great week