Sunday, August 13, 2017

Phew, and they are done

 Phew, the socks are done and blocked...
on time!  I'm glad to have my life back...errr I mean
my knitting life...don't really like such deadlines
but it was self imposed...for Joe's sister's 60th birthday.
 See last week's post for more details on

Started a pair of sport weight socks...
and I decided I need to fix a few pair.

Somehow, Joe got a hole in the ribbing of these...
I  still had the yarn so all fixed now.

I found this website with a different way
to fix holes.
It seemed to work well.
This is the inside
Hopefully it will hold.

Started another pair...
There are quite a few that need fixin...but it's so
boring compared to knitting...LOL

Now I'm going to concentrate on  getting the purple sweater done.
I would like to wear it at Rhinebeck, but if not, I'm ok with it.

Ruth is coming along on her shawl (see last week's post for details)
I saw it in person yesterday. It is really really nice! 

Martha is coming along on her red "S" socks....
no picture this week.

The girls and I had breakfast yesterday. So nice to
catch up. Talked about Rhinebeck which is not that
far away...

In other news...
we had a nice summery dinner...

Have a great week....

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Phew...blinked and the week was over!

 What a fast week, huh....
I worked furiously on the Sybaritic socks...and yea,
got the first one done.!
It helps that it's a shorter sock....I added 4 rows to the top, and 12
to the section right before heel...
I think it's 5.5" tall, I usually do 7-8 to use up yarn.

Love doing this pattern. I only worked on this all
week.  I think I might block the first one to see how it looks.
It's a size 8.5 and I'm a 7 so it is big on my foot in the picture.

Ruth is making this beautiful shawl. -
Walk on the Beach.
She is barely started. Yarn is Classic Yarns Cashsoft 4 ply. Merino,
microfiber, and cashmere. 
So far so pretty...!

Martha finished up her shawl.
Serenity Now! 
 She went to Green Mt Spinnery and got white to
finish the last 8 rows. Can you imagine how fun it would
be to just pop over to Green Mt Spinnery or WEBS whenever
you want to?????  Jealous!

I thought this was Ruth when I first saw this picture:

It is lovely don't you think!
Now I'll make you jealous...I get to see it in person
on Saturday!

Martha started a sock:
 These are Hourglass socks by Bev Eicerio published in Knitty.
 Yarn unknown....
very snazzy!

In other news:
there isn't any..
have a great week dear blog readers.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

I feel like Sybill

 Remember the movie from years ago, Sybill about
a girl that had multiple personalities?  Well that's how
I feel this week about my knitting. I keep starting
projects, and then moving on to something else.
The craziness has to stop!

The socks are done...I really like them.
They are so nice and soft, yet sturdy.

I hope the tencil holds up.
I reinforced the cross your fingers.

Finished up Joe's worsted weight socks.
I would not normally pick such a bright color, and
in fact had to look when I got the yarn to make sure
they sent what I ordered.....but they did.
I have read about other people that got yarn from Knitpicks and
the color was off. Oh well...I'll see if he will model them for
next week.
I started a pair for him in Sportweight Opal.
Cast on 64 stitches..we'll see how it goes.
These are going to be top down. They looked
this red when I bought the yarn, but they are more pinky.

Decided my bosses wife needed a nice shawl
for Christmas. She does so much for so many people,
but I don't think anyone does much for  her.
Silverlight shawl pattern, in Wonderland Yarn.
Then, I was sitting here this morning and thought,
I should make Joe's sister a pair of socks for her 60th
birthday which is August 16th. I cannot knit that fast,
but maybe I can get one done. She has been asking me for
years to make her some socks.
Sybaritic pattern.
The way I'm going who knows that else I might start this week!

Ruth is almost done with her socks...she is hoping
she has enough yarn to finish..They are soooo nice!!
Martha did run out of yarn on her shawl.
She is going to try and get more from Green Mt  Spinnery.
I think the colors are very striking!
She started some socks till she gets the yarn figured out.

In other news:
Ruth made current jelly. She started last night and got
these two jars.... a lot of work for those little things.
I bet it will be very decadent
Joe went fishing today and caught a ton of fish!
Took him a few hours to clean them all.
These are 5 gallon buckets...!
 The flowers are still beautiful
The pool was beautiful today also.....
which was especially nice after a crappy weather week...

Have a great week dear blog time I write,
it will be August!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Alls Quiet...while we celebrate summer

 Quiet week this week for  me, not much knitting.
Was able to get in the pool a few nights after work
and enjoy it.

Last week I told you the tale of Joe's socks, and how I would
run out of yarn.

I found some in stash, Cascade 220, that will match pretty well
The important thing is...the yarn with nylon is on the foot part,
for sturdiness....
The first picture above of the blue is much more accurate, it's
royal blue.
Kind of neat how it all worked out.  I hate ribbing legs,
off the leg, so skinny compared to the foot part.
I will take pictures on Joe's feet once both are done.
I will run into the same thing with the 2nd skein I bought, not
enough original yarn, so will have to sub the leg.

Am up to the heel flap on the 2nd sock
coming along quite well.....

Ruth is working on her second sock. I saw this in person
(did I tell you? and the colors are soooo vibrant!
She was gone this weekend so not as much progress to show

Martha is doing a great job with her s hawl (see last week's
post for more details)
She will continue to decrease one stitch on the side with the orange marker, then when I get to the center decrease  somehow knit up and finish the other side point!
 Really nice. sounds like an interesting pattern.
She added the eyelets to the pattern

In other news:
Family came over yesterday for a nice summer party:

Joel brought his croquet set and we all had so much
fun playing!

Today on the pool deck I had two visitors:
this guy was sleeping....don't know how he got up there
a tree frog. Joe said they climb everywhere

and this precious beauty:
our neighbor, Maggie the shitzu...
she came right up there for some lovin! She is about 10 or
so...curly brown hair.  Cute as a button...

That's it for this week dear blog readers....have
a good one.
Enjoy summer while it's  here.