Sunday, August 10, 2014

Knit Like the Wind

Remember the expression Run Like the Wind?  Well,
knitters, I think we need to Knit Like the Wind this fall.
The weather guys are predicting a Polar Vortex in
September.   I feel like we need to get our warm knits
 knitted and then knit some more...ha!

 I have a small start on the Mrs Garter sweater.
Collar is size 8 needle in garter.  body is size 6.
So far so good.  I think I will need a little  help
with directions in a while.  Bartlett yarn worsted.

It is really more of a heavy worsted..

I blocked the WendyKnits Summer Mystery Shawl.

I'm really glad I did not listen to Wendy's suggestion and not block.
I soaked for a long time.  It actually enhanced my shawl.
I used German Short Rows.

and pinned the points

and wore it last night!

I'm almost done with the 2nd sock. 

Ruth is working on a sweater for her son.
Jared Flood's Cobblestone pattern.
 Madelinetosh merino in the a plaid Blanket colorway.
I think it is sooo pretty.

Martha is 99.2% done with her summer sweater!
Miley Tee.  Multicolor is Queensland Dream.
She did a lot of her own mods to make this fit so perfectly.
Just needs buttons and blocking and it will be done.

I went to the Brockport Arts Festival for a short time today.
A local vendor was selling worsted 100% alpaca that his wife spun
herself, from their own animals. She sells for $8 an ounce, but may
sell for $6 if you buy a lot.  It was beautiful.  I looked at the price
$45 for 145 yards.  I did not even bother to figure out how much
a sweater would cost!!!!

Speaking of the Arts Fest, I got several compliments on this:
My old...very old...booga bag that I made 10+ years ago...
Noro yarn...who would have thought!

Have a great week.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Short Post

Hi, I've been busy busy busy this weekend and not with knitting,
so no pictures. I did not get updates from the girls, so I suspect
they have been busy busy busy also.
Ruth and I finished up our shawls, pics next week, and Martha
is working on her summer sweater.
I will do a proper post next week.

Until then.......
happy knitting.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Shawling Along

The third clue of the WendyKnits Summer 2014
Mystery Shawl came out on Saturday.  I have
7 of 18 repeats done.  I suspect Ruth is done with hers.
I did 23 repeats of Clue 2, which will make the back a
little larger.  It is still going to be a rather small shawl, I think.

The color is much more vibrant than this pic shows

Have a little start on the 2nd sock. 

Ruth's is beautiful, and the color is lighter in person than
it looks in the pictures.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for the pool.  This summer
has been really yucky pool weather so we were so glad
we could take advantage  yesterday.  Today is going
to stay in the 60's so I suspect we will not get much, if
any, use of it this week. The cool nights drop the temp
and it does not recover in the daytime.
Joe has worked so hard in his garden this year, and it
looks totally flooded this morning.  I hope his crop

 Cuteness overload!

 I love this picture!
 Abbey loves picnics
 I hate it when he does this
 and that's why he does it


reason for picnic

I'm on vacation this week, and what does one do when
its raining and cold?  KNIT of course!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Ruth and I have been busy all week working on Wendy Knits
Summer Mystery Shawl. Clue 2 came out yesterday.


I finished up Clue 1 on Friday, just in time.
This picture is 1/2 way thru Clue 2.

 I like the pattern a lot. I like the lace edging because its so few stitches (21),
and the body is not many more (42)

Since I am half way thru Clue 2, I am guesssing that the shawl is 1/2 way
done. I put it in the center of my back and it is only this big:

I have enough  yarn to knit a couple more repeats....
all in all I am really enjoying this!

Here is  Ruth's!  Isn't it lovely!

She is also working on a dishrag in between.
Flax yarn. Pattern is Lacey fun by Elizabeth Lovatt Young. Free on Ravelry.

Martha is working on her tee top.
This is Miley Tee by c2knits. The yarn is Queensland collection Dream
Looking great so far!

In other news:
Joe has mastered Rotissere cooking:

 Have a great week!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Judge Me

but I made another Baby Surprise sweater.

Plymouth Yarn Select Superwash yarn, size 7 needles
Sleeve ribbing size 5 needles.
I love this yarn.  It's a little pricey, so I buy a few skeins here and
there when its on sale.  Someday, I will just buy a bunch and make a
sweater for me.

It's lovely for baby garments.

I think finishing this little sweater with ribbed sleeves and a collar
really makes it much nicer.

and, of course, cute buttons!

It blocked so nice.  And just so you're not surprised when
it happens again, I plan to make a boy version in the near
future. No babies in mind yet.  It's kind of brainless knitting at this

Finished up the first sock.  Lornas Laces' Solemate yarn from

This is toe up.  I could have made a little longer if my
calves weren't so gigundas!

I knit the Knits  through-the-back loop to really
make them pop.

I have a really small start on the 2nd one, but really love this pattern
Knit 2 rows, Seed stitch one row

Ruth finished up her crazy crazy sock.
Regia BLITZ yarn.

Martha finished up her Lichen and Moss socks.
(Ruth did same pattern a while ago).  Pale lavender yarn.
Toes are with some yarn we died 6 years ago at her house.

I really need to try this pattern.  Soon.  She is working on a cute summer
top - no pics to show yet.

The three of us are doing WendyKnits summer mystery shawl.
No progress as of yet to write about. 1st clue came out yesterday.

Rainy Sunday here in  Western New York. Not much else to say
about it.  Let's hope next week is warmer than predicted so the pool
stays warm.  Happy Knitting.

Sunday, July 6, 2014


I finished up the Oh Helen shawl on Wednesday. Fringed and blocked it.
It turned out great.

I was a little skeptical that it would look good and not  home-made, so
I bought two little white sweaters just in case.
Joe said the shawl looked way better! Yea!  Received lots of compliments
at the wedding, and no thought it was made by me!

The next thing was finding a bag to go with the outfit.  Believe
me I looked.  $25-$30 little bags and I did not like any of them.
ugh x 10000000000.

See the bag in the picture I'm holding...yep...made it!!

I did a little poking around on Ravelry. I knew what I wanted but
didnt see anything exact.  I had tons of the Berroco Captiva
yarn left. (hate that yarn by the way - working with it is a
nightmare)...anyway.  Thinking way back to the booga bags
we all made.

 I started out with size 6 needles (suggested size
for yarn is 8) I wanted it tight.  It was too big looking so
I went down to a size 4.

Cast on 30 stitches and knit 25 rows.  Picked up stitches all the way around.
Knit 10 rows or so, and decided it needed beads....which I had from a
project many years ago.

Its so hard to see the beads in these pictures.  I staggered the beads around,
with 3 plain rows inbetween.  I used my cell phone for the bottom template and
worked up from there.

Once I decided it was big enough, I Knit 5 YO, K2tog, all the way around.
then knit a few more rows, and added a final row of beads. I used the crochet
hook method to add beads.  Thank goodness it rained Thursday or I never
would have got this done.

Then I decided it needed a ruffle. So I k1, k1 / increase one tbl all of the way
around, and knit a few more rows.

Then worked on the i-cord. I put beads at each end of the icord.  Started
the i-cord with 4 stitches, but it was too big...went down to 2 stitches, and it
was dainty enough.

Now I did get a few compliments on the bag too!

Also this week, I started the sock from yarn from Martha. I started out
using same pattern as Ruth, but it was not fun to knit. Ruth's looked fab!
I am such a tight knitter, I was having trouble picking up the yo and bringing
over 2 stitches.   I ended up using the pattern Grumperina made last 
K 2 rows, seed stitch one row...

I like them a lot!  The pattern is not soft thougth, but the bottom of the foot
is and that's all that matters.

Worked a little on this too:

Ruth  did not have any pics to share.

Martha is working her way down both socks. Says she has wild
yarn for the toes!!!! So pretty...

Have a great week!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Finished the Crazy

I finished knitting the crazy Oh Helen stole last night,
but it still  needs blocking and fringe. 
 Maybe I'll do some fringe tonight. I hate doing fringe!
I used size 10.5 needle, and 3 hanks of Berroco Captiva yarn.

Martha is knitting Lichen and Moss sock (Ruth knit a few
weeks ago) Free on  Ravelry.
She did not send yarn info. I like the contrasting heel color.
I like thie pattern a lot...I'll have to make it soon.

Ruth finished up the 2014 Through the Loops Mystery Shawl.

I saw it in person today and it is very very lovely.
Ruth also sent pictures of her pretty this year.

So hot hot hot. Not much knitting will get done this week.
Have a super week and fun, safe holiday.