Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring is here

Spring "officially" started this week.  You would not know it
by the weather...snowed this morning.
The spring sweater is done just in time
This is unblocked picture.....

Reminder Wandering the Souk pattern.
Yarn is Valley Superwash DK
Size 6 needle

This yarn is very stretchy.  Once I washed it, I put it in
the dryer for a few minutes to tighten it up a little.  I think it
will be just fine.
Here is it blocking....
I can't wait to try it on.  I only added 5 button holes.
Modification to pattern: I added button band as I went along,
rather than picking up stitches and doing it when done. The button
band has an i-cord edging

Still have to get buttons.

I thought I had waaaaayyy too much yarn, but in fact, I almost ran out.
This is what's left.  Each sleeve used one whole ball, plus two partial
pieces, same size as above.  I am lucky!

I think I will treat myself to a pretty, feminine top to wear underneath
the sweater.....

Ruth is almost to the point of separating front/back on her
ButtonBox Vest   with Harrisville Yarn.

So pretty!

She finished up her color work mittens. She was hoping to wear
them a few times before it gets too warm. With the snow and cold
temps predicted this week, I think she will get her wish....

Pattern is Trees by  riihivilla ... a kit.  I think they are so pretty and
classic looking.  Great job!

Martha is almost done with her vest!  Same Buttonbox as Ruth is making,
and Harrisville yarn also.

She just has the buttons to add and it will be done!
nice, don't you think!

In other  news, I have been dying to make donuts ever since I
got the Pioneer Woman Cookbook for Christmas.  I had to get
a donut hole thingamajig came this week so....

It's more involved than I thought. You mix the yeast batter
the night before and let it sit in the fridge for 8-12 hours. Then it has
to sit the next morning and warm up to room temp - two more hours-
then you roll dough and cut out, and let rise for ---- you guessed it--
two more hours!  Joe helped with the frying part of it...he is a
master fryer so I appreciated the help!  I put glaze on some, and
cinnamon suger on the rest.

 I'm quite proud that I only ate two. One of each kind.
Maybe it was three?
They were sooo good.  Totally awesome.  We are giving most of them
away...(Martha notice in top right corner..I'm using cup you gave me
for today's coffee).

Now you may think it's strange that someone is 'dying to make' donuts.
but let me  tell you a story. When we were growing up, Mrs Randoph
who lived just a mile up the road made and sold homemade donuts
every Fri, Sat and  Sun.  People came from miles around to get
her donuts.  I have been wanting to making them all of these years.
Mine were not as good as hers.  Oh well.

Have a nice week dear blog readers, and when it snows or the
nights go down to 15 degress, remember that is so Ruth can wear
her mittens before spring!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Almost FO

The Wandering in the Souk sweater is ALMOST done...
I can taste it.  Almost done with first sleeve, then 2nd
sleeve and add buttons and fini....  I will be ready to
move on to something else.

 It looks like a jumbled mess right now...can't wait till it's blocked.!

Ruth has made little progress on her Button Box vest
made with Harrisville yarn since last post
(reminder she was traveling)

 and, she decided to take a break and knit a cute pair of mittens!
Trees mitten pattern kit from Riihvilla.

She is flying through the 2nd one already!

Martha is the most monogamous knitter of the three of us.  She starts
something and rarely wavers till its finished.  She is coming along
nicely with her Button Box vest made with Harrisville's almost done!
Color is cobalt.

 I'm dreaming of what to  knit next.....I think it will be a nice shawl (with sleeves)...
stay tuned

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Couple of things

I had to repair a couple of socks again ...grrrrr
as I mentioned before I hate the process. But, saving the
socks is definitely worth it.

The sock on the left blew out an area below the toes...that
is the first time that has happened to me.  The sock on the
right blew two holes in the heel!  Reminder I handwash and
lay flat to dry all the socks.   grrrr x 2

I'm working on a couple of socks. These are no rush, kitty knitting
projects.  Sock on the left is Hawthorne yarn by Knitpicks.
I had to get two skeins to make for recipient that has size 12 feet!

Sock on the right is Panda Silk.  The top black part is ribbing and bottom
black part is the heel.  I thought if I mixed enough black in I might not
have to get more of the camo color, but I think I will need one more skein.
These are on size 0 needles.  Why am I making two kitty knitting pairs
at once?  The socks on the right are for Joey, so when he's around, I switch
to the other pair.  These are the biggest feet I have for Christmas presents,
so figured I would get them out of the way first.

 Wandering in the Souk is a couple of inches past the armhole.
I tried it on today and so far so good.  All stockinette from here.

Ruth is color coordinating a couple of things...her toes and her
socks!  She is traveling this week and got a pedi with her favorite
and her current socks are Show off Stranded Sock pattern
in Western Sky Knits, Aspen sock, cambridge colorway. I love the pattern,
yarn combo.

 She is still working on her vest.

Martha has made a couple of modifications to her vest, and
is now ready to continue.  I always admire the way she
can change things around and still make the pattern work so
she gets a good fit.

And finally, we have had a couple of sunny hours here in Western NY  -- YEA
Happy Knitting

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not much to show

When one row takes 30 minutes, there is not much progress to show.
Wandering In the Souk is just such a pattern...
 I just finished 45 rows of the pattern, and now will separate the
sleeves and it will be very plain. 
Yarn is Valley Superwash DK
(very splitty).

 These camo socks are now 8"...I think I will do one more inch before
I start the heel .....
 Cast on for a pair of socks for Mark. had to buy two skeins of KnitPicks
sock yarn (363 yards each) to accommodate his size 12 feet.  Figured I bettter
get these two big feet done, then I can work on smaller socks for Christmas.
 Martha and Ruth are coming along on their vests.
Here is Martha's.

 She has to do two more repeats to arm holes...adding short rows to get
over the "girls"....looks great!!

 Ruth's is coming along nicely also.
Both are using Harrisville yarn.

March 1st.  Icy snow here.  No wind. Does that mean its coming
in like a lamb or lion.  My instincts tell me a lamb. CRAP that means
end of month will be furious!

Stay warm blog readers...and knit on!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Short and Sweet

Tired tonight so this will be short and sweet post.  Short cause I
don't feel like writing a lot. and Sweet because it will be 

 Joe brought me this handwarmer on Friday and said can
you  make me a little bag for this.

I took some sock yarn (Joey's Christmas sock yarn).
I thought about what to do. Cast on 30 stitches on each
needle like I was starting a toe up sock.  It was a little wide
so a few rows in I decreased a few stitches.

 Kept measuring the handwarmer, and when long enough
 knit one row of K4, YO, K2 together to make eyelets for the
icord .  Joe loved it and said it was perfect.  Phew.

 Knit a few more rows on Wandering through the Souk

  Finished up the mystery sock by Kristen Kapur.
I love these. Love the yarn. So  nice going through
my fingers stitch by stitch.

Ruth finished up her sweater!  Lovely...just lovely.
I can't wait to see her wearing it.


Martha had a few gauge issues with her button box vest
so started over. The color is really more teal.


Ruth started the same vest this week.  They are both
using Harrisville yarn.

In other news:  Tiffany and Abbey had birthdays
this week.

 Mickey was bored with the whole thing

 Ruth's kitty, Lucy, watching a squirrel outside the window

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Well, I did some knitting

I have been home on medical leave for 3 weeks and go back
to work tomorrow. What a fast three weeks.  I'm looking around
the house thinking what did I do?  and all I can come up with
is Well, I did some knitting.  A definite perk to sit home and knit
and not drive. Another perk?  Wearing my handmade socks
every day!  I cannot do that when I wear heels to work.  My feet
are going to be screaming tomorrow!

So I finished the 1st 2015 Through the Loops Mystery Sock.
I like the pattern. And love the yarn.  The pattern had some
nice surprises. for example, the back is very lacey.
The front does some nice things going down the foot

I can't wait to get the second one done.

I had a little time to work on the spring sweater this week.
Each row takes 30 minutes or so. One row had me using two cable
needles in three stitches!  Youza!  But I like it.

The kitty knitting sock is coming along slowly.  But that's ok.

The colors are cameo, but don't show up very well.

Martha is about 3" done on the Buttonbox vest by Elizabeth McCarten published by Knittyspin.. This is Harrisville yarn.  She said it's pretty rustic yarn with sort of a velcroy feel. It's not prickly or sandpapery, it's comfortable on the skin but not soft. It makes the pattern pop. 

She had to order a little more yarn to finish her hoods.

Ruth is still traveling so no  knitting.

In other news:

Joe and I were talking and we don't remember a year when the
snow almost touched the pool.  This is not a drift, it's how high
the snow is.

For Valentines day I made cookies - dozens of them- and put them
in cute boxes and delivered to the kids so they were waiting by
their doorstop when they got home.

I decorated some plainish wrapping paper with valentines.
Then tied a couple of ballons to it.  Both were surprised--yea!

Yesterday, I made Joe his own cookies.

Abbey wants it to warm up. Windchill here today could potentially
reach -30.   really????

Happy knitting dear blog readers...stay warm!