Sunday, June 18, 2017


I have been looking for a pattern for a vest, t-shirt, kind of thing.
I bought 5 skeins of Cumulus yarn earlier this year for the
Brambling shawl, that I decided I didn't want to make. As the
name suggests, its cloudlike. Think Kidsilk haze....
I know what I want, but can't find what I need.  Finally
purchased Xtatic pattern and I'm going to modify. I really
just need the correct  #'s.  Pattern uses a contiguous shoulder
which I like...Let's hope this experiment works. I'm using
a size 7 needle. My vision is oversized, see thru, to wear over
a button up white shirt with collar...stay tuned......

Fished up Betty's first sock.
My own pattern...
Mock cable pattern...
just barely started the 2nd one.
It's been much too hot to work on the big purple sweater this week.

Ruth has not done much knitting this week.  Martha managed to get
a good start on her 2nd sock, in spite of how busy she is with
end of school activities.

In other news...the flowers are pretty
If I ever get my little flower garden done, I will add this:

have a good week dear blog readers...
stay cool !

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Phew...Hot went from too cool to too hot in a matter of a day or two.
Nice, beautiful weather here in Western NY.  Good thing there is
a lot of wind.   
I finished up mom's Cup of Tea socks,

 Heritage sock yarn, it is really a teal color.

 Liked this pattern a lot. Easy. May make again
this year.

The Super Eyelet Shawl is blocked...and ready
for fall.
It is warm...and a nice shape...Win!!!!

Started a sock, of my own design, with
Three Irish Girls yarn.

Mock cable, two on each side.
Just ready to make heel gussett.
Worked a little on Brookings sweater.
got all of this done with one skein...time to switch
to skein 2.

Ruth was away last week and did not knit much.
Here is her mitten progress.

Martha is just ready to kitchner the toe on her sock.
Diagonal Cross-Rib Socks by Ann Budd. The yarn is Trekking XXL.
She is nearing the end of the school year so not
much knitting.

I'm so tired tonight I don't have much else to share.
Happy Knitting.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Short post this week. Ruth is traveling, and I have not heard
from Martha.  I finished up the Super Eyelet Shawl by
the Woolly Brew. Quick, easy, and best part, used some
yarn from long ago.
It is sitting on an ugly towel, so will model it  next week
when it's done blocking.
I'm interseted to see how the angora yarn is when
its all dry.
Definitely a fall/winter shawl.
In other news, celebrated mom's 80th birthday yesterday.

Aunt Edie's 81st birthday
and Joe's 5xth birthday
his eyes are still such a bright blue....

family came - the twins.
sweetest girls ever

their mom
and step dad
cousin Denny
hubby Dave
dad ate too much, as usual
of course Tiffany was here
 and Joey but he would not let me take pictures...
I think I will concentrate on finishing up mom's 2nd sock
this week.....and work on the sweater.
cool again...will summer ever get here!
Happy knitting.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer... ???? !!!

Memorial Weekend...supposed first weekend of Summer.
It's so nice here today, 70ish...but colder again next week.
That just means more knitting time...
 Got to the heel gussett on mom's My  Cup of Tea second sock....
 I am doing a regular heel, in the contrast color.

I found a pattern to use for some yarn I got
years ago....(in an attempt to use stash yarn).
The top brown part is Classic Elite Miracle Yarn.\
The multi color is Louisa Harding Kimono Angora.
So soft. I bought them together....who knows what
I was thinking....
Pattern is Super Eyelet Shawl.

I may add some stockinette in the mix of lace
as a few others have done. It is very long already...
200 stitches.

The sweater is coming along. Nearly brainless.
I added some stitches, and now afraid its too big.
I tried it on, but think I need to knit a few more
inches first.  I did add a lifeline in case I have
to rip.

The koolaid socks are done and blocking!

Martha turned the heel on her sock today.
Diagonal Cross- Rib Socks by Ann Budd.  The yarn is Trekking XXL that
Ruth gave her.

Ruth needed a break from her sweater, so
knit a shawl this week. Moody Kerchief.
She used the the Fiber company Luma yarn
that the designer used, and she was a little disappointed.

I think it's very nice.

In other news:
Our weeping cherry tree looks so healthy!

I finally got my one and only flower bed cleaned out today.
It still needs work, but its a good start.

Joe and Joey went fishing this afternoon and got
some perch...enough for a meal.
Have a nice week dear blog readers.
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 21, 2017


This week I was in a mild panic because I could not find the rest
of the yarn for my sweater.  Well, obviously, its in the house
someplace.  I had enough on the yarn cake I was working on,
but it kept getting smaller and smaller. By Friday, the panic
was real...nightmare like panic! I searched thru all of the bins
and bags and finally found it in the last place I looked. In the
closet carefully tucked away.  I realized when searching I
have too much yarn. Way too much.  And it is messy. I need
to organize it, and knit accessories to give away.  A lot of it
has ball bands missing, so i don't know if it's washable or not.
To me, that means not sure if I can make a baby item....
Here is the Brookings sweater, The red yarn is what I used to
put on string and try it on. I think it will fit nicely. 

This is almost brainless for  a while.  Rows and rows of stockinette, with
a cable or two thrown in once in a while. The important thing is to
remember to move the row counter each time.
Here is the ball band from the yarn:
Purchased at Rhinebeck a couple of years ago.
I like it a lot!

I dug out the Sophie sweater on  Saturday and took a good
look. All It really needed was sleeves. I don't know why I
procrastinated so long.  A Saturday night home alone watching
Hallmark, and it was done.  I'm reblocking, then all it needs
it buttons.
The yarn, Drops Belle, is the yarn the designer used.
I hate it. I hate knitting anyting in cotton. Splitty. unforgiving. ugh.

Finished product is not bad though.

Almost have heel turned on this 2nd sock.
Love the German  Short row heel. So fast!
Does not use a lot of yarn, and looks great.
Wears well also.

There is a little glitch in  Ruth's sweater front . She has
been tinking back to get to a point where she can start over.
I saw it in person this week and it is very very nice!
A lot of work for sure.

Martha is almost to heel on her sock:
She has been doing a lot of very laborous work in her
garden this week (see the kitty)
She got a new chair!
In other news:
Joe went fishing yesterday but I have not pictures...
It was kind of chilly today so I made potato, ham, corn chowder.
Decided for an experiment to make some ciabatta bread...
The first picture is how it looked in before it went in thick pancake batter.  It came out wonderful, and
the boys loved it.  So good.

Happy knitting. Hard to believe next week is
Memorial Weekend!