Sunday, March 18, 2018

Back to Reality

Back to reality means back from vacation.
We had a wonderful time...driving from New York to
Nashville, and as far as Lynchburg, TN.

Not much knitting...I managed to finish the ribbing on
Mark's sock. It is almost 3".  Because he is so tall, I like
a longer ribbing, and I will do a 9" leg.  Even though, it's
no secret I hate knitting the ribbing.  Yarn is Hawthorne
by Knitpicks, size 2 needle.

I finished up Joey's first sock before we left, and got the ribbing done
and a few pattern repeats. Most of it was done after we got home.
Panda Silk yarn, size 0 needle.

Ruth is working on a new sock.
Socks that Rock yarn, Rogue Roses pattern by Yarn Harlot.

Martha is working along on her socks...
More Tofutti, 45% cotton, 35 wool, the rest is some nylon.
This is k3p1 pattern

 Martha is also working on a sweater. The pattern is
  by Louisa Harding called Breckmickle

her progress
almost to arms....

In other news, Joe and I had a wonderful vacation.
we had soo sooo sooo much fun!

We drove down one-lane roads through beautiful sprawling
horse farms near Lexington KY.  See the miles and miles of

The stables are nicer than most homes in this particular
area. So so so beautiful....
We went to the Wild Turkey Distillery near Lexington.
Drove over this S-bridge to get across the
Kentucky river to get to the distillery.
 Apparently one of 3 in the country.

The whole distilling process is totally fascinating.
A real work of science.  There are several in the area.
They keep a lot of people employed in Kentucky and
surrounding states.  All of the corn,  rye and barley is
grown in the area.  It sits for 6-8 years in the barrels
before it is bottled. 

One day we went to the Acquarium restaurant in Opry
Mills mall right next to the Grand Ole Opry.  It is a huge
acquarium in the middle of the restaurant. HUGE fish.
Very cool. Food was not that great....LOL

There are two people scuba diving and cleaning the
Grand ole opry has flowers planted. It was only about 50 the
day we were there.
Nashville was so so so fun. There is a lot of
construction going on. So much that it is very hard
to get around. Walking or driving. Notice all of the scaffolding.
This picture was taking from the roof. The last day we were there
it got to 70.  The picture is a bar across the way that is 3 floors of fun!
This picture is taken at 6:00 am the morning we were leaving.
We saw Los Lonely Boys in concert. They are so wonderful.
Their dad actually came and sang a few songs.

We drove to Lynchburg TN  to visit the Jack Daniels
Tennessee Whiskey distillery.  People actually make that
a destination, and go to Nashville just to see Jack Daniels.
 It is set on acres and acres of beautiful land.

Joey took care of Mickey for us, coming every other 
day. He was so lonely while we were gone. Poor fella.
He was so excited to see us he literally cried and carried 
on for two hours after we got home. After driving over 750 miles
to get home in one day, we were pooped, but stayed up to fondle
him.  What we do for our pets, right?
This picture is on Saturday....he was lovin the loving.

Thanks for letting me indulge on our vacation.  I left out a lot
of details but you get the picture - it was FUN!

Saturday I went to a bridal shower for my niece.
My sister in law made these flowers out of paper, and
then painted them.  So lovely!!
 Notice the beading wound in...
She is very talented and crafty.

Hopefully more knitting news next week dear
blog readers.....have a fun knitting week.

Sunday, March 4, 2018


So I am working on Joey's brown sock.  This week Joe said
OMG you're making Joey a brown sock?   Yes, even Joe realizes
that brown is not fun to knit with. Must be the influence of the
pink socks I made him at Christmas, and the koolaid dyed socks
I made for Joey.  They were definitely much more jazzy than
brown.  But, I did have a plan.  I was going to put some color
in the heel and toe.  The yarn is Panda Silk which is 52% bamboo,
43% superwash wool, and 5% silk. Joey's feet love the bamboo,
it wicks the sweat away.  Jimmy  Beans wool had a big sale
last year so I bought a few colors. Brown, yes, but an accent
color too.  I liked the looks of afterthought heel so much I decided
to do it on the plain brown stripes!
This yarn is sooo wonderfully soft, he won't mind that
it's brown...and the pattern is an easy one I made up...
Knit 6 rows plain, and then K1P1 for one row.  This heel with
the stripes was very very fiddly, but I like how it came out.
The toe will be stripes also.

Joe and I are going away on  Friday for a week so I hope to
have one sock complete.I'll work on the other one when
we are driving.

I did start Mark's giant size 13 sock to take when traveling
also.  His are brown, but a nice Knitpicks Hawthorne brown.
Not enough to show yet.  

Ruth has finished the nice and jazzy...
what a lucky baby! and what a lot of work!

She also started a onesie for the baby.  
Here are the details in her own words:
Pattern is Tiriltunge by Siv Jane Aksdal. I'm leaving the hole pattern out since I'm not sure if it's for a boy or girl. I think I'll do short sleeves since the baby will be in Phoenix. The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne fingering. Cosmic Speckle. I've also decided to do snaps instead of buttons. Now that I'm done with the increases and put the sleeves on holders, it's going quickly.
I love it!

Martha has finished up her first sock. Her own pattern.
 yarn is 45% cotton, 40% wool, 15%nylon. They’re for early fall, 50* weather...
I think her pattern is very jazzy!

In other news...we got snow on Friday...a lot of it.
Thick, heavy wet snow.
Joe thought it was hysterical that the driveway at Lowes
was clear, but the snowblowers were buried.

It was sooo pretty today.  But cold.
The pile in the driveway is huge...still.

Years ago I made a booga felted bag, and still use it all of the time.
Left it laying on the couch this week....
and guess who decided it was snuggle worthy
He looks so uncomfortable trying to fit on it instead of stretching out...
he is just such a character.

He's not very happy that I put it away
Joe was wearing his deer hat so I snapped a quick picture
We are traveling next week so no blog.  Chat in a couple of weeks
dear blog readers...Happy Knitting!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not much new

 We were sooo busy this week..something every night.
I worked a little on Joey's sock, and the darn pic didn't turn out.

Ruth is done with her baby blanket, and sewing ends together.

 What a lucky baby, huh?  LOVE the colors!  A lot of work!

Martha is working on socks.
Her own pattern...yarn from Ruth

I hope to have more to show next week,.

In other news:

Joe went fishing today and caught a LOT of fish.
 Looking forward to dinner this week.

Got to see little 8 month old Phoebe yesterday.
She is a beauty!
Have a great week dear blog readers
Hope to have more to shoe next week...

Sunday, February 18, 2018


 Very springy out today. This week sounds very warm...yea!
I finished up the 2nd sock today and very happy with the
results.  This picture is when they were just blocked.

 I leave 16 stitches on each needle before I kitchner. And this
past year have started using a rounded toe decrease which
I like a lot. This pic is pre-blocking so will look nicer
after that.

I like the after thought heel with the colorful yarn.
 This is a pattern I made up.
Bobble every 4 stitches, then knit 6 rows and do a slip
stitch every 4 stitches. It kept my interest....

 Martha gave me the yarn at Rhinebeck. I love the vibrant
colors!  Knitpicks Stroll. I still have quite a bit left.

 I did manage to do a little work on the sweater sleeve. 

 Started a par of socks for Joey.  Panda silk yarn.
His feet love yarn with bamboo, it helps wick the mositure
away.  I'm not sure what the pattern will be yet. Something
simple.  The color is a nice chocolate brown.  Good
for guy socks.
 My main focus will be the sweater, but sometimes it's too
bulky or I'm too tired to work on it.

 Ruth is almost done with her baby blanket.
Love the colors. I can't wait to see a little baby
on it!

 Martha is traveling today, so no updates from her.

In other news:

We had a party for Tiffany's birthday today.  Joe told me he
was excited people were coming so the blog would not be
so dull.  Huh?????????

I made lasagna, bread, and salad. I made the big pot of sauce

 Some family pictures

 I made cheesecake yesterday too.

Mickey was very social while the company was here..
which is VERY unusual. Usually he hides.  He was out and about
all day.

In this picture he was preening for Tiffany...he loves
when she comes over.

Have a great week dear blog readers....
enjoy the warmth.