Sunday, September 24, 2017

Summer weather continues!

 Summer weather continues here in Western NY. 90's today
tomorrow and Tuesday. Phew. Joe got the pool motor running...
for a short time but we can swim today....

I've been thinking about the  Brookings sweater, and maybe I
can finish before Rhinebeck? Maybe not. I'm going to
try to work on it exclusively this week and see how far
I get. Sleeves take a while so not sure but...

Started Reyna shawl out of the Longmeadow yarn
from last week.  It is fun...I think I'll have to have  Joe
hide it someplace so I'm not tempted to knit a few rows...
It is totally brainless....

Martha is continuing on with her pretty  hourglass socks 
from Knitty fall 2008.  
yarn from Ruth, kind unknown

In other news:
Ruth was away this week so no knitting to share, but
she does have some beautiful vaca pictures.

Canoeing on the Bog River
a buck that came to visit....

hawk in their backyard

The boat launch near our house is going to
be renamed the boat and camper launch after this
happened today.  I'm making a joke but those poor
Look close you will see a big boat on the left of the
camper...they must have been trying to launch it and went
back too far.  The little red boat must be over the top of
the trailer...  All I can think of when I look at this picture
is the Brothers Osborne song "it ain't my fault"  !!

Joe and his friend Nick went fishing yesterday to Lake Erie.
This is a horrible night picture, but they did good, and he had
Have a great knitting week...

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Summer is here ??? !!!

Well, summer has made it's way to Western New York...
80's all weekend, and projected for this week.
Of course, the pool filter broke...sigh.

I have made a little progress on the sweater after ripping
it out. It sits just below the "girls" now. I should try it on
again to see how it fits.

 Finished up dad's hat  (see last weeks post for details).

Thank you to Joey for modeling in this 80 degree heat!
Joe thinks dad will like it.  Joe would not...he would get too hot.
Really nice pattern!
Not much knitting other than that....

In other news:
Ruth and I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival
yesterday ... we needed to practice before
Rhinebeck!  Here is my stash.....

The Tidal yarn is amazing....
She will be at  Rhinebeck, booth 30...just sayin!

Ruth got some lovely yarn also:
The lambs wool is for a sweater she wants to make.
It's quite lovely.  Looks like her Lucy approves!
(Lucy is lovely too!)

Martha is moving along on her 2nd sock!

In other news:
Mickey has taken over the desk must feel cool...

and for whatever reason, we won't move him if we want to
use the computer...we wait till he's done....
who has trained who here????!!!

 I'm really dreading tonight....dreading it....
It's really hot in our house, no pool, and we have no
air conditioning....Mickey will want to sit on my lap while I
knit, and he will want the blanket on my lap....I will start
to sweat and he will coo and meow and cuddle in deeper...
yep....who has who trained here!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

It's gonna be a looonnnnggg fall!

I think it's going to be a long fall if this weather keeps up.
Low 60's during the day and 40's at night. October weather
for sure and not must my opinion...the weather guys too.
I feel so bad for the folks from Florida and Texas, as well
as Georgia and the Carolinas now. 

The cooler temps keep knitting on my mind- non stop.
I think its an affliction....

Finished the silverleaf shawl yesterday. I really
love it.  This is blocking. I will post better pics next
week when it's dry.

Reminder it's for my friend Maryann....I can't believe I'm
giving it away!  I will need one for myself. 
Yarn is Wonderland Yarn, Cheshire  Cat, sock fingering
512 yards. I have a bit of yarn left.  Color Shillings & Pence.
The pattern calls for Sport weight, but I wanted it a bit smaller.
Size 5 needle.   I love the size.  Lucked out that I had the same
color yarn as pattern...

I will probably finish up the Constellate hat tonight.  The pattern
is written for a few sizes, and I chose worsted weight.
Cascade 220, size 7 needle, 104 stitches. 

 The hat is very dense, and will be warm. It's for my
dad for Christmas.  The loopy stitch row uses a lot of yarn.
I ran out. sigh. Had to order more from the Loopy Ewe.
I used a crochet hook to draw the yarn thru...much easier
than using the needles.  the point was to use up I
have almost a  whole skein left. If I have time, I will make dad
a neckwarmer to go with it...he loves them.

Finally ripped the sweater back....5" or so.  I have about 12 new rows done.
I'm kind of sad now that I didn't work on it more to get it done
for  Rhinebeck...oh well...It is really pretty brainless as long as
I keep careful track of what row I'm on.

Ruth finished up her shawl. She is also working on
sleeves of a sweater she was making a while back, and
a baby boy sweater.  I think the shawl is just lovely!

Martha finished up her first sock. She is busy back teaching
school now.

 Hourglass pattern from Knitty

She got this pretty yarn from Ruth.
She's going to start the 2nd one tonight.

Joe bought me these pretty  mums today...
they are a pretty purple not pink like
the picture shows.

Have a great week dear blog readers, and keep our friends
to the south in your prayers....

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Last Post of Summer

 This is the last post of the makes me
incredibly sad.  Next week we are on vac so no blog

Finished up the Opal cabaret sock, sport weight yarn,
size 3 needle

I did the leg of the 2nd sock in a hospital waiting room
this week, all I brought with me was the yarn and needles.
I had the ribbing done.  I got to where I thought the heel should
start, but wasn't sure.  Luckily, there was a woman in the waiting
room knitting, so I asked if she had a tape measure and
sure enough, she did.  Phew

My own swirly purly pattern
They fit Joe nicely
This is the last pair I will make him before Christmas...
too many other things to make.

Still working on Silverleaf Shawl...the garter st is getting
kind of dull.  Up to 90 stitches...

I was in a little panic...what to knit now?  I will concentrate on
Silverleaf now, but need something else....
so I started a hat for my dad for Christmas...
Still have not started to rip the sweater...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ruth has a lot done on her shawl:

In other news:
I made orange cookies today ... Joey's birthday is
Tuesday so we will have these, his favorite, instead
of cake.

Ruth & hubby spent the weekend with her son-in-law
and grandkids.  I love this's so beautiful, the
scenery, and the kids. It screams "family"....

Have a great week dear blog readers...looking forward
to catching up in September....

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dog day of summer...

82 degrees today...I guess for this year that is a dog
day of summer. Our long range forecast calls for one
or two days in the 60's next week!

I decided it was time to fix the socks that had holes in
them.   Six socks, besides the two pair of Joe's I showed
you last week. I hope I'm done for a while.  I really
like the patch method...definitely easier, prettier,
and better for my hands.

Joe's sport weight opal sock is almost done.
I just need him to try it on and see how much
further I need to knit before I start toe decrease.

I have about 62 stitches done on the Silverleaf Shawl.
Lots to go. It's pretty much brainless at this point,
except for the 1st row of 10.

Ruth's shawl is coming along nicely!
I love her yarn choice with this pattern,
very soft lovely.

Martha was traveling this weekend and didn't have an update.

In other news:
we have one pinky tomato...the plant is up to
my shoulders

The family came over yesterday to celebrate Joey and Mark's

A lot of candles and a lot of smoke

Everyone had fun...I hope

Joe worked all day...poor guy

Joe and Joey got up at 4:00 am today and went
fishing to Lake Erie.

Biggest catch:
9 lb / 29 In Walleye!

That bad boy won't even fit in a 5 gal bucket!

I'm so glad they got to go.  Said the waves were 3-4 feet and it
was hard at times...glad the only waves I encountered were
in the pool!