Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring? NOT!

With the time change it is staying light till 7:30ish now and it is very hard to stay inside because of the 24" or so of snow we got last weekend. Abbey is still finding it hard to go out - she has a little path Joe snowblowed for her and when she wanders off of it she totally sinks to her belly. It is way past time to get out and walk - I am mostly done with one sweater and so it is ok for spring to come now....hear me spring? We're waiting! Like a dummy I saved all of the ends of my colorwork sweater to sew in at the very end - that will take a few hours this weekend and then I can wear it. I will have pictures to show you - I am so happy with how it turned out! I have been working on a shrug I started last fall - had to frog a few inches but am back on track. I'm thinking of a summer sweater to knit....

In other news:
Joe is here this week.....enjoying the 60ish degree weather....

till the weekend.....toodles.

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