Sunday, April 6, 2008

Trudging Along......

I have another FO....yea! I have finished the Shrug from Lace Style, and I am loving it. Some wierd pictures so you can see how is fits. It was hand dyed yarn I bought from Hemlock Fiber Fest - 2 years ago. It was purchased to be wrist warmers or socks, but it was much to nice so I was waiting to come up with something really cool. This was a pretty quick knit, though it seemed like a LOT of knitting for this little thing. Tiffany wants one too, hers will be pink and summery. Goby cotton yarn. Because the yarn was hand dyed, my fingers turned green whenever I was knitting it . I had to give it a nice long vinegar in soak when it was done, and yes, now it smells like vinegar so I have to find something nice to wash it in.

I am trudging along on the French Girl Fifi sweater. Only three more rows and I will bind off the bottom and start the sleeves. I've also finished one of Joe's socks and have about 2 inches done on the 2nd one. I am totally bored with both ongoing projects, and want to start something FUN and NEW ......but I am resisting so I can get these done and out of the way.

Abbey is loving it outside now, it was 60 here today....all of the spring smells, it's hard to keep her inside.

Have a safe week.

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