Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

I'm feeling lazy this summer, and it can't be because of the heat.
Another extremely cool week here in Western New York!
Going down in the 50's tonight. It is definitely great knitting weather, just
wish my brain felt more like knitting. I feel like I'm in a sweater slump, like
my sweaters are just not up to par lately. Hope this slump does not last
long. I am having a blast knitting the shawl, and it is moving ever so very
slowly. I have approx. 260 stitches on there now. I had to order another
hank of yarn, and the colors are a bit different, seem darker. Hopefully
it will look ok when all put together.

I am also having a blast working on the weeskein socks. So fun to watch
each stripe emerge....I am starting up the leg.

So I guess even though I feel like I'm in a slump, I am very content
here in slumpville......

Ruth finished up her socks and is working on a beauty of
a shawl: here are the statistics:

Cookie A socks. Sunshine Yarns, superwash merino, color thicket.

The Aestlight Shawl by Gudrun Johnston a.k.a. the Shetland
Trader. Yarn is Socks That Rock. I saw this in person yesterday
and the colors are much more vibrant than the picture shows.

Martha is in the creative mood, and designing EmmaLouise
a pair of socks. After much ripping she now is pretty happy
with the results thus far:

A couple random ramblings:

  • I have a dirty little secret: I watch the Bachelorette on Monday nights. Jillian please pick Ed. Dear readers, please don't hold this against me. I'm really not a scatter brained ninny (most of the time).
  • What is going on with the price of toilet paper? 89 cents for the cheapest roll, that is so thin you have to be very creative so you finger doesn't poke thru...and it claims to be made of recycled paper? W.T.F
have a wonderful, knitful, safe week.....

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