Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shawl Stuff, Part 2

Martha finished her shawl, congrats, Martha. After a few shaky
attempts, she found a wonderful yarn and wizzed right thru this

Ruth is away this weekend, but I believe she is somewhere
on Chart 3.

This is mine:
I am on Chart 3, just starting the 2nd time around.

Reminder this is the Summer Mystery Shawl by
Wendy Knits.

I also worked a little on the Scalene scarf this week.
(my brainless knitting).

I will have more details once this is done and blocked.
Nice pattern. It is definitely a yarn sucker!

Joe went fishing today and caught some really nice perch
in Lake Erie.

Mickey is really p*ssed he cannot go outside....I know I would
never find him once he was free to chase birds....

Happy Knitting....................

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