Sunday, April 19, 2015

Little Knitting

I managed to get in a little knitting this week.
The blob is done and blocking.  Here it is before bindoff.
Avana pattern.

Yarn is Queensland Joey's Baby Silk
I got a good deal at Little Knits on a bag.
I'm hoping to use the rest for baby stuff, but
it's hand wash only. Not sure if I could do that
to a new mom!  LOL

The 1st picture above is most accurate color

Size 9 needles stockinette, and size 8 lace

Started 2nd sock for Joey:

 Slowly working on Size 12 sock

Ruth is working on Tomten -- soooo cute. She has
the pattern totally down pat.  I love her colors!

She is also working away on her sock...
I love the pattern with the colors....

Martha is traveling this week, so no pics from her.
I think we better showcase her next week!

Happy Knitting

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