Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sweaters from the Girls

Ruth and Martha are dong great with their sweaters.

 Martha is working on the collar for Kelmscott Sweater.

 the collar is as complex as the body.

I think it looks heirloom quality!

Ruth is done decreasing for sweater sleeve.
Minetta by Kristen Kapur. Yarn is Valley Yarns Northfield.
It wont take her long to finish up the 2nd sleeve.

I might start a summer sweater soon....

believe it or not there is progess on the sock. 1/2" to go and
I can start the heel gussett.

It's very cold here today. 60's and sooo very windy. yuck.
The boys have been working outside ...they say its good
working weather.

Have a great week dear knitters.

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