Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fun Knitting Week

 Granny's favourite sweater is coming along, slowly.
This picture is the correct color.

Finished one sleeve.  I did not do
patterning on the sleeve, because I wanted
a longer garter stitch, so it's more practical for
the mom.
She can unroll it when the little girl needs
a bit more room.

I might do patterning on the bottom. Did sleeves
first so I know how much yarn I need.

I finally found a pattern I like for this
Purchased at Rhinebeck last year.  I knew
I wanted yarn to make something for "fall".
I saw these colors and kept  going back, and
finally purchased.

There are 6 colors in all...making each 10".
Infinity scarf.
I love this pattern. It's a 4 row pattern,
and very theraputic....not brainless,
but almost.

Here it is
Selected from this book, which I use quite often

I had fun knitting  this week...I do need
to get back to the 2nd giant sock and get that
thing done!

A while ago I posted a link to a blog about dyeing yarn
with Koolaid. (Martha, Ruth and I did that a few years
ago at Martha's house.)  I ordered some sock yarn from
Knitpicks and this weekend gave it a try.

I knew I wanted sprinkle yarn, but did not want a
white background.  So Saturday, dyed all of it a light

then hung to dry

some of it is messy. note to self, tie more strings
around it the next time

today, I laid it all out
and added the sprinkles

I laid the two skeins on top of each other so they
would be mostly the same
turned out pretty good.

I'm thinking I would have liked better without
any orange...

but Joey said he likes it.  It is currently drying.
I will wind it for  next week. Wont be able to use
the swift because of the mess it's in.
Very fun...I'll see how it  knits up. I'm thinking socks, or a
baby boy sweater...The fan is blowing on it to dry and the
house smells like grape  koolaid!

Speaking of boy sweaters...Ruth finished hers, except
for buttons. I love the pop of blue!!!  This is for her
new nephew, due soon.

Martha finished up her blanket (now Ruth wants to
 make one!)  I love it, but not sure I have the

Martha also finished up a hat this week,
a kit given to her by Ruth.
Anne Hanson - Honey Bun Hat

She is just starting socks with yarn Ruth
gave her.  Colors are very dramatic...
Old Joe pattern.

Joe made corned beef and cabbage, and we
had dark beer with it. Very tasty.

Because of the giant snowstorm this week, there was lots
more knitting time.

Have a wonderful, knitful week!

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