Sunday, June 10, 2007

Three Almost FO's

Three almost FO's to report on:

Sweater - the white string at top is coming off. I have to sew up underarms and sew bottom side seams together. I loved doing this sweater. Made from Rowan Felted Tweed. My own design.

The slip stitch hat is very close to completion. I have to switch to
dpn's because I'm running out of stiches, and then sew up all of the
ends. There are lots and I saved them ALL for the end. What was I thinking!

One fixation sock done, the 2nd one has the heel turned.
I am using this pattern: I used Star toe and a roll top.

This means that following my rule of not more than three projects going
at once, I can start three new projects.
Taking an entrelac class next two Tuesdays - I have to miss the first one
due to work - dam! I want to make a Lady Eleanor shawl....

It has been a busy two weeks here. We had a mini surprise 70th party
for my mom and a mini birthday party for Joe. I forgot my camera at
mom's party - here are a few of Joe's.

He wanted a cherry cake so that's what he got. Does he look
excited or what? Can you tell he puts up with this just for me?

Joe's mom and our friend Lydia - Lydia lives in Florida and comes to stay
with joe's mom in the summer for two months. They have been friends
since gradeschool.

My mom and dad - can you tell they're still in love after
47 years of marriage (and a couple glasses of wine!)

Tiffany cleaned all day so the house wasn't a wreck whem Company
came - Thanks, Tiff.

Have a fun week....

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