Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer Love

I love summer! The pool is ready, being enjoyed by all. Joe is working in his garden. I call it his garden because he does all of the work. I call it our salsa garden, because it mostly consists of tomatoes, peppers and onions.
Made two batches of strawberry jellie today - only kind Joey eats. He went and picked 5 quarts for me.

The cascade fixation socks are done. I used a roll top and a star toe.
Tiffany loves them! They are very comfy - maybe I'll make myself a
pair one of these days.

The camouflage hat is done. It's a bDay present for an undisclosed recipient.
Isn't the model cute! She just sits there and poses - definitely not camera shy!

I started a new pair of socks - they will take me a while - there is a chart for
every row. The yarn is from Yarn Pirate, and I could not find the ball band
to get the exact color name. It is a merino/blue faced leister blend.
The Pattern is from Favorite Socks - Merino Lace Socks page 39. I am not
so sure the pattern will come thru on this colorway so I may be ripping. After
only 5 rows, it's too soon to tell if I like the yarn or not. I purchased the yarn
from The Loopy Ewe.

I have also started another sweater. It is from Winter 2006 Interweave Knits
- Refined Raglin. It is a very simple design which I needed for this yarn. It has
a hem in the bottom which I love. It was much easier than I thought. I followed
Caroline's advice and it went really quick - no provisional cast on for me!
The yarn is from the Hemlock fiber arts festival - it is sport weight
from a little place called "Times Remembered" They do not have a website.
The yarn is prime alpaca. I have never knit with anything so soft or luxurious
before. And reasonable priced! $19.50 for 600 yards. I purchased three
skeins to make a sweater, but will have plenty of yarn left over for a hat or
socks or whatever. It is so soft, Joe wants me to make underwear - enough said!
The colorway is called Nutmeg. It is a brown/black/tan combo. This is my brainless

Have a good week

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