Monday, July 9, 2007

Mystery Project 3

I have joined the craziness known as MP3 - Mystery Project 3. A gal named Melanie has created a project and gives you clues (part of a pattern) each week until the project is done. It is a "stole" (shawl). I saw this project on Yarn Harlot website and decided to check it out. There are 6695 people around the world knitting this project - sign up ended on Friday. Apparently so many people were signing up / posting we "broke" yahoo for a bit. I picked this yarn for my project, even though Melanie suggested black or white to keep with the "theme" of the project. There have been several guesses as to the theme. There is some kind of face or object appearing in the stole. I can see a definite face, but not sure if that will continue as the project grows.

I have not started my project yet, am waiting for my beads to arrive in the mail. Yes, this project has beads! I ordered mine from Ellen at Earthfaire. I found out about Ellen from Knitty a year or so ago, and when I placed my order she sent several samples for me to try, along with a lovely hand written note. It's all about customer service people!!!

Current projects:
I have finally finished the blue Rowan Felted Tweed Sweater and will have pictures soon.

Brown sweater - have finished body up to the arm holes, and have started first sleeve.

"Fancy" socks - have completed first repeat of leg pattern. So far am loving the result and
will not be ripping unless I make mistakes. If you remember I was not sure how I would
like the yarn/pattern combination.

It's going to be a hot one today in Western New York - yea! That's what summer is all about!!!

If you get hot, close your eyes, and remember February when you were shoveling all of that snow from the steps and scraping your windshield - that will cool ya off in a hurry.

Have a good week - stay safe.

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