Sunday, July 1, 2007

Raspberry Season

What season is it???? Raspberry Season!

Stephanie had just a couple - can you tell they are juicy????

It is sooo cold here in Western NY today, did not get out of the 60's and
a cold wind - it was a great day for drying wash, but not for swimming.

I did not get to knit much this week; I am trying to have a life outside
of knitting and work! Did a little gardening and swimming (on the
warm days). This is a picture of the Alpaca sweater....I am about 5/8 of the
way thru the body.

Progress on the sock is slow. I am trying not to screw
up the pattern.

An amazing sunset from earlier this week. This time of year is sooo beautiful.

Not much planned for the 4th of July because we both have to work
Tuesday and Thursday. Have a wonderful week, and wherever you are,
be safe.

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