Sunday, October 14, 2007


I have finally finished my green sweater - remember when I first started posting - all I did was complain about the ribbing. I finished the sweater and blocked it on Easter Sunday. It has taken me until now to finally sew it together! I hate seaming! And I always will! There, I said it!

I have been in knitting eurporia lately. I have finished on of my dad's birthday socks and have about 3" done on the 2nd one. I have started an EZ baby surprise jacket, and have started my class project sweater. I really need to concentrate on......all of them! but not enough time in the day. I am most addicted to the baby surprise jacket right now.

My brain is going to be busy this week, so I think my cabled class sweater will be put on hold - I really need to concentrate when I work on that thing.

Other stuff:

No trips to the ER for Joey lately - Yea! It is very fallish here so I made a roast turkey breast for dinner with acorn squash from the garden, and a nice green salad. Mashed potatoes and & gravey and of course cranberry sauce. Yes, it was very yummy!

I will have some pictures to show midweek.
Have a good one and stay safe.

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