Monday, October 29, 2007

I need my mojo back!

Update on projects:

1. Dad's socks...think I will run out of yarn, I am just starting to go down the foot and there is not much left. Need to have them finished by Nov 21st.

2. Shrug - Have not touched it in a few weeks, so did a few rows yesterday and yes, I mucked it up and now have to rip, but I am not good at recovering lace...HELP!

3. Baby surprise jacket - I am well on my way on my 2nd is looking as good as the first one....keep your fingers crossed.

I am starting to stress that I will not get my holiday knitting done. I like to make Joe, Joey and Tiffany all something little. When I mentioned this at dinner last night, Joey said don't worry about getting mine done whatever it is.....he does not care for my hand knit items, but I know he would like what I have picked out for him.
Tiffany thinks it's silly to stress about knitting....she obviously does not knit!

Other stuff....Joe spent all day yesterday installing a new dishwasher for me....Tried it out last night and after it ran for almost 2 hours, we decided it needed a little tweaking. The dishes are sparking though!

Saw a picture of Destiny's comment! (ha ha ha) (hi sweetie!)

Have a safe week!

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