Sunday, November 11, 2007

Helix is Addicting

At work there is a collection box for hats and mittens for a local school, so I decided to knit a quick hat. I have lots of scrap yarn that would be perfect. I decided to use the yarn i used for Joel's hat - camo colors. The girls at Friday knitting had been doing some really cool striped socks called "helix" socks and I was able to find a pattern for a hat....

I used 105 stitches to make an adult size - and it was completely and utterly addicting!
I started the hat on Saturday, and finished up Sunday morning - a very fast knit! Well one huge problem was using the camo boys scooped it up and started wearing it...guess I'll have to find some girly colors to knit for charity. I am having major trouble uploading pictures from the camera to the blog so will share the cool pictures next time.

I have not started the holiday knitting yet - I need to get going...

In other fun news:

Joe and I got a new car this weekend - a Toyota Rav4. Very fun ride.
The boys were practicing shooting today - deer season starts next Saturday. I'm
pretty much a hunting widow for 4 weekends. I have a lot of fun things planned this
year to keep me busy.

I have a funny Joey story for you:

A telemarketer called asking for me the other day and he said she clearly was foreign.
He said "I'm sorry she does not speak English anymore". The telemarketer said Ok
I'll take you off of our call list...... I'm actually trying to talk him into being a guest
writer for the blog - he's so funny!

Have a safe week!

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