Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Pile

I was looking at my pile of sweaters that I have completed in the last year - four of them - for me that's quite an accomplishment.

I have restarted the EZ surprise baby sweater, and am now, FINALLY, past the point where I was the first time. I'm going to have to put this away I think and concentrate on Holiday gifts. I want to do something for Joe, Joey and Tiffany and am running out of time.

I have 4 inches to go on Dad's socks, and have run out of yarn. The yarn shop is being very nice and will send me what I need. The problem is, I need to have them done by Nov 17th....

Other news:

It has been another beautiful fall week here in Western NY. BUT snow is predicted on Tuesday or Wednesday. yuck! No one has gone to the hospital this week, thank goodness. Joe's fingers continue to heal very slowly and still hurt A LOT. Hunting season starts early this year, and I am so happy about that. We will have 2 full weekends before Christmas to do stuff.

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