Sunday, January 13, 2008

Off to a Good Start!

I'm off to a good start with my 2008 knitting. I have two finished projects ! The first one is the Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Baby Sweater. Its' called a surprise sweater because when you finish knitting, it looks like this:

And when you fold it, it looks like this before buttons,

and after buttons:

I like how it turned out. I don't have a little girl to give it to yet.

I also finished Joe's socks. These socks got me thru the holidays - mindless knitting -
love it. He has not taken them off since I finished them....and they fit inside of his
work boots which is what I was hoping for. He has "sock" issues and has trouble
finding ones he likes. The yarn was Austerman Step which has Aloe Vera and
Jojoba Oil infused in the yarn - very soft.

I worked on my class sweater a bit today and think I am back in the groove.

Saturday at EZ class we talked a lot about our next projects - I will be starting my
sweater soon.

Other News

It was springlike here in Western NY today - birds chirping, and the air smelled
like April - very wonderful. The kids are almost done with their winter break and
will head back to college soon....which I think is a good thing. Tiffany is excited.
Joey, is not.

Have a good week - stay safe.

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