Friday, January 11, 2008

Old UFO's

I made this list before Christmas to show myself how crazy I was for breaking my 3 project rule.
Not much progress, sad to say.

1. gift - complete
2. shrug - made a mistake an inch back and need help ripping - this one I may need help with - just sticking a needle in the non lace row and I can be on my way again.
3. class sweater - I'm ready to work on this again
4. Stole - only work on once in a while - not in a hurry to finish - a once in a while project
5. Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater - just needs buttons!
6. Peach biscuit blanket - need to rip back a few rows - no big deal, just don't want to right now.
I was going to rip this whole thing, till Tiffany saw it and thought it was I may
try to rescue it. I actually use my white biscuit blanket a lot to keep bread, rolls and of course biscuits, warm.

New Additions:

7. pair of socks for Joe in Treckking - almost finished.

8. Elizabeth Zimmerman class - starting a colored yoke sweater.

Brioche scarf - Jeannine fixed it so I can be on my way again. I am making it in Classic Elite Lush and it is definitely lushious! to work with.

I actually need to get some of the smaller stuff done so I can concentrate on my 2 sweaters.

Other news:
We luckily survived the windstorm on Wednesday. A few large branches down is all. I still have a lot of friends at work without power. Hoping they get it back soon.

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