Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's the little things

in knitting that get me thru when I'm having a sweater slump.

I finally finished Joe's socks with the yarn Ruth gave me. 20 stinkin rows is all
I was short from the original ball....but enough of my gripeing ..... I'm putting them
away for Christmas.

I immediately cast on with the yarn I dyed last weekend with the girls. I'm not crazy
about the colors, and it's wierd (in a good way) to have your yarn smell good enough
to drink (the koolaid!). I think Ruth's multi will turn out better knit up. Mine has a
little too much red in it for me. The picture looks bluer than it really is. I'm knitting just basic no brainers.

I've been working a little bit on Tiffany's shrug. I started putting in a lifeline every 2 or 3 inches, and I'm glad I did. Had to rip back to the lifeline twice now (so I got even smarter and put
it in every inch...). One ball knit up 6 inches, I hope I have enough yarn - think I'll be ok. She is younger and thinner than me so shorter arms will work for her. This yarn is like working with 6 strands of fishing line all at once - not the most fun!

I'm also working on Jaywalkers from yarn I got at Ellens half pint a couple of years ago.
Love the yarn. I'm just about ready to start the heel.

That's about it.

We are just back from my sister in law's 50th birthday party. Fun was had by all.

The boys went Walleye fishing the last two nights and caught lots of keepers -
I can't wait for a fresh fish dinner.

Tiffany worked a double yesterday at the diner - she was pooped! Magic realized
she needed some TLC.

Have a safe week!

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