Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things are Quiet here at Knitatation

Things have been quite quiet here at Knitatation.

A quick update:
  • I figured out how to get pictures on my Ravelry page. My username at Ravelry is Knitatation.
  • I knit a little bib and washcloth set last weekend for a friend who is expecting a baby and the yarn I used was too big, so I'll turn them both in to washcloths for us. I did get some more appropriate yarn from Pam at Spiritwork yesterday.
  • My Jaywalker sock has a mistake a few rows down so I'll have to knit back to fix it. Because of the patterning, I can't just rip and hope to pick up on the knit rows.
  • Tiffany's shrug only has 22 inches done. There's been a little ripping on that this week.
  • At EZ class yesterday I started a brioche rib hat for Joe. I am making it out of the brown yarn I got at Finger Lakes Fibre Fest a couple of years ago. It is going to make a very soft hat. Took a little work to figure out the gauge with my yarn and needles and EZ's direction (or lack of directions).
  • Once in a while I knit a row or two on the koolaid yarn socks. I have no interest in making them right now, but I started them so I'll finish sometime. Ruth knit some Jaywalkers out of our Koolaid yarn and they turned out fab. She used red and orange to get this color combo.

so you see there is a little knitterly frustration going on here. I hope to fix the Jaywalker socks while I watch the country music awards tonight. I noticed that the smartened up and did not put the music awards on same night as Idol final. duh!

I am hoping the Idol Final is big David - David Cook. Little David will do alright for himself once he comes into maturity.

toodles till next week.

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