Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Update

A very quick update on some FO' this weekend.

1. The bib/washcloth set are complete

2. The Panda Silk socks are complete.
(I was finishing these on the bus, and the ladies were all oooohhhhing and
aaaahhhhing over them) - hint hint hint if you need some holiday knitting.
Lynn (super knitter at class) asked the question "I wonder how the
bottoms will wear".... that got me thinking, because she is very aware of
that "stuff". There are a lot of socks on Ravelry in Panda Silk. They seem
delicate, but say can be machine washed in cold water. I'm hoping the
recipient will wear slippers with them, but who knows.

3. Jitterbug socks are on the needles, using the Crosswalker pattern.
I'm liking the yarn, but not sure if I like the pooling. Because the yarn is
short on yardage, The Loopy Ewe is now selling half skeins - so you can
buy a skein and 1/2 to make longer or larger socks. I hopped on and was
going to get one for $11.00, but when I added the $5.95 shipping, it
suddenly was not worth it to my socks will be shorter -- 5" leg,
I like to have a 7 or 8" leg..... Maybe Pam can get 1/2 skeins and the
shipping will not be an issue.

More later.....happy Summer knitting.

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