Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Update

Lizzie's baby knitting is done. I have the two bib/washcloth sets to give her, and the EZ surprise sweater done back in January. Ruth gave me some cute baby booties to pass on to Lizzie, also. Thanks, Ruth !

Completed picture of the Panda Silk socks

The teal sweater - 1st sleeve still in progress. I feel like I've been knitting on this
sleeve longer than I did for the whole body. It looks almost long enough, then I try
it on and it's still just a bit past my elbow. If I didn't have so much yarn left, I would
end the sleeve, but I might as well use up the yarn. Right? Wouldn't you?

I have TWO sweaters to cast on for. The EZ class is doing a knit along of the February Lady Sweater - free pattern found on Ravelry. Most of us are using Cascade 200 superwash paint yarn. A few folks in the class are using different yarn. Some of them chose to purchase it someplace other than Pam's - which I have a problem with - my opinion is if the class is at Pam's, the yarn should be purchased there. The other sweater is mom's.

Here is a new project I started, heretofore will be called the dummy project.
Because it is totally brainless, and because I am a big dummy for starting such
a thing. After seeing the free download for a cotton chenille towel on Interweave
Knitting Daily, I decided to make one for Joey. Joey does not like a lot of things I
make, but I know he will love this. Can you imagine knitting a towel with all of the
other stuff I have going? See - Dummy Me!

It has been a rainy summer here in Western NY. The lawn is still lush. I love summer
and all of the things that go with it, except rainy weekends. Here are a few pictures of
the things I love about summer--taken on a hot Saturday morning.

this is Joe's garden--he does most of the work. I do pull weeds. The deer have
been enjoying their fair share this year.

my flowers are very pink this year.

Have a good hot summery week!

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Miss 376 said...

the bib sets are gorgeous, love the pattern