Sunday, September 7, 2008

Purly Swirlys

I finished my Lorna Laces Purly Swirly socks in Liberty colorway. The pattern may be written down some where, created by someone, but if it is then I'm not aware. It's so simple, I'm sure it's not an original.

It all started when Ruth knit the RPM socks from Knitty. They were swirly. She said you just move the purl stitches. The cat was on my lap so I didn't bother to get up and look at the actual pattern. (Everyone who knits and has a cat that sits on your lap while you're knitting will totally understand this). Also, I wanted to knit toe up socks which I have never done before. I followed Wendy's instructions for Toe Up Socks with Gusset Heel, found Here:

I knit Wendy's toe, and ended up with 72 stitches and started out like this:

P2, K70,
K2, P2, K68

and kept moving two purl stitches every row until I completed exactly 1/2 of
the stitches (18). Next round, I started again with a P2 and just kept moving
the Purl stitches over 2. After completing the heel, I made sure the Purl stitches
started out together at each end of the double pointed needle so the swirlys look
great even at the sides of the socks. This sounds so simple, but if you knew me,
you would know figuring this all out was HUGE! ha!

The 2nd sock I made opposite, I did the toe and then:
K70, P2
so the swirls go the opposite direction.

Very fun. I was able to get an 8" leg with the Lorna Laces which will be very
nice for Winter. I also love how the pattern made the red, white and blue yarn
swirl. The pictures do not show the swirl as well as they could. Damn!

Joey's towel is coming along ok. It is quite a process, and I am now convinced it will
be wrapped up with the needles at Christmas. I have 6 skeins out of 20 done. When I
work on that, there is not much time to work on other projects - it is a huge time

I'm starting another pair of socks tonight, so I can get them going before I hit the
bus on Wednesday.

Joey turned 20 since my last post. Hard to believe we do not have teenagers
in the house anymore.

Tiffany's little pug "Tyson" came to visit today. Joe and I had to puppysit.
He is good, but exhausting. He is springloaded and very fast! Tons and
tons of personality.

Have a safe week, I'm off to start my new socks.

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