Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guest appearances

Ruth finished Ray's Gentleman's sock.....look how nice that fits! This is one pattern
that I think looks better on than off the foot.

I cannot describe the next picture better than Martha, so here are her socks and
her words:
Hey Gals,
Ok, so you are probably wondering how Micheal and I got in the same
picture, huh? Well I told Tom and Mark at dinner that I was going to
win a gold metal if I finished my socks, silver if I finished the toe,
but did not bind it off, and bronze if I didn't finish the toe. WELL
I AM HAPPY TO REPORT that Michael stole the limelite by winning his
upteenth goal metal AT THE SAME TIME that I finished my GOLD metal
socks. So, in true Yarn Harlot fashion I snapped a picture of my
socks and Michael at the same time. PHEW. The pressure is so intense
for a gold metal winner. I have been training my whole lifetime, well
I started in my 20's, adn finally got it right. These 2008 Olympics
will be mine to remember forever. Sigh. Just thought I should give
you the EXCLUSIVE photos before the Star called and offered money.
Have a good Olympics. Oh, yes, and Connie you have my permission to
put this on your blog, free of charge.

Seriously folks, How cool is that!

And the next picture is from my friend Kathy, who is a rather new crocheter...
but looking at this picture, I think she is quite skilled and as you can guess
she has a great sense of humor!

She got the pattern here:

I finished my Ravelympic project - gloves, and they turned out quite nicely - only
because of the yarn, I think. I knit them flat and had to seam. I am a mediocre
seamer at best.

One of the red/white/blue socks are done and I cast on for the 2nd one.
That's about it...we've been enjoying this last bit of summer hanging
outside and not getting much knitting done.

Have a fun week!

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