Monday, November 17, 2008


I did not get much knitting done this week, I've had distractions.

We've been watching Tyson, the grandpug for Tiffany this week. He is a character, and likes lots of luvin. Requires as much time as a real baby it seems! He does not like it when I knit.

Joey got yet another deer with his bow...awesome!

Joe got a nice 8-point buck on opening day of shotgun season.

Look what I found in mid-November:

Martha sent me some pictures of Emma-Louise's sweater. Its Martha's first sweater in 10 or so years so she is quite happy with the results. I don't remember the pattern or the yarn. I believe she made a few modifications to the pattern,whatever it is.

Emma Louise is nice eye candy, isn't she!

And to answer the burning question on all of your minds: "Will I finish the Time-Sucker project by Christmas???" Definitely! Maybe even before Thanksgiving. Two and one-half skeins left to go and it will be done. When I realized I was so close I started knitting almost exclusively on it to get it done and out of the way.

Have a good week....Tyson is quiet and that is not good, have to go find him.

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