Sunday, November 9, 2008

w. t. f.


My favorite socks have holes in the heels! I have worn them twice, and they were handwashed in between and laid flat to dry. Yarn purchased at Ellen Half Pint. Jeannine and girls at class told me to call the lady and tell her about it. I am sick. BOTH heels. Enough said. w.t.f. !!!!!

I have finished my Socks of Kindness and really like they way they turned out.: Wildfire Luxury yarn.

I'll have to show pictures on the feet when they're dry, quite wet right now.
Ruth made some for Ray that turned out wonderful as well. On the foot really
shows off the pattern.

I have a modest start to mom's sweater, but I think it might be a Valentine's present instead of Christmas...we'll see how things go. This week Tiffany has requested a pair of wristwarmers, which are a fairly quick knit.

Abbey has not been feeling well today, not sure what's up. We are giving her lots of TLC

Have a safe week.

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