Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gigglefest 2008

Here are some pictures of the first annual Christmas Gigglefest.

I had "the girls" over on Saturday for a fun crafty afternoon.

Kathy is working on a crocheted afghan. This picture is one she made a while ago.
We (well I ) called it an heirloom afghan because that's what it reminded me of.

Roberta is crocheting a shawl. Well, she was working on a shawl, but she finished
it while at the gigglefest and then started a poncho for her niece.

Sue is hooking a rug with a horse pattern on it. She is doing a lovely job !

Kathy is working on a crocheted scarf. The colors are stunninig. She showed us some of
her work and it is quite lovely. She is making bookmarks that are really adorable.

Marcia is making socks. She has turned into quite the sock knitter! These are her first two-colored pair.

Ruth brought her spinning wheel and gave us all a lesson. He spinning is quite lovely - and
very relaxing to watch!

Tiffany is making a scarf for her dear friend Mary. Hopefully! it will be done for Christmas.

The space was a little cramped, but no one (seemed to) care. The giggles just kept flowing.

We had lots and lots of good food to eat - everyone brought something - and thanks Joe for the homemade wine.

I was able to get my sock finished. One more to go and I'll be done with Christmas knitting.

We went out in blizzard conditions today and got our tree. Joe was like Paul Bunyan hauling it on his shoulders and carrying it thru the woods. This picture does not show how cute it is with the lights on. It is much smaller than usual, but much more manageable.

This is our fake tree that is quite cute - I screwed up these pictures and the lights are not showing up.

Merry Christmas - have a good, safe week!

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Barb said...

Hi Connie,

I am the recipient of Kathy's beautiful scarf, have received compliments everywhere I have worn it. Looks like your "Gigglefest 2008" was lots of fun.

Happy New Year,

Barb - Kathy's S-I-L