Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visit from the Sock Whisperer

As you know, I'm making my latest pair of socks for Joe from Austerman Step yarn. The yarn in the ball looks very camo like. The yarn knit up does not. I'm not crazy about the yarn, but bought it, its soft and lovely on the foot. Yesterday when I was knitting on the sock the sweater I knit for mom two years ago was laying there, and I thought, wow, these socks would go with mom's sweater...and then that's when it happened....I had a visit from the Sock Whisperer who told me "you dummy - you should be making the socks for your mother!" Joe has a small foot, and mom has a wide foot so they essentially would wear the same size (I tried a pair of his on her foot this summer, so that is a for sure not a guess statement). After that little visit from the whisperer, I am feeling much better about making these socks. She will love them. I will, however, only have two pair to give Joe for Christmas, and I wanted to make him three. But he will not care. I'm turning the heel so should be done this week.

I whipped up a little cowl called "Ellen" - a free Ravelry download - only took a couple of hours. I used Classic Al Chunky yarn. it is a very classic look and yarn. not sure who will get it - maybe Aunt Charlotte or one of Joe's sisters.

Martha finished up her sweater. It is stunning! She used a pattern by Barbara Wiseman, a small privately published pattern, published in about 1998, her friend had given her a copy. She did some minor changes with the guage to make it work with the yarn she had, and made it one block longer and wishes she made in one block longer still. She was running out of the variagated yarn by the last sleeve and that is why there is only a few blocks of it that show, and the front bind off has green and the variagated. She did start this and rip it all out as you know.

We had our annual Christmas dinner at our house last ngiht . I only took a few pictures :

Magic loves the Christmas tree as much as I do! Have a wonderful, safe week.

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