Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sock stuff

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately but didn't feel like taking you'll see my stuff next week. I have finished up the first sock from our handdyed koolaid and it turned out very fab! I am working on the 2nd one - slowly - and am saving it for bus knitting. I am excited to say I have restarted my February Lady Sweater and have about 1" of the gull lace pattern done...I am really liking it this time. Also, I finished up the first sleeve on mom's sweater today. Her sweater is coming along sooooo slow. It was a great brain knitting weekend, and got a lot of things figured out for my projects.

My friend Marcia has some pictures to share for today's post. She has been knitting for years, but has mainly been a crocheter. She saw me knitting socks on the bus and told me she wanted to make socks. I guess that was back in late summer early fall or so. Since she learned, she has turned into quite the sock knitting machine. She has decided to make lots of socks for her favorite charity this year and is well on her way. The following pictures show the socks she is giving away (she has made these since January) and she has also made a few pair that are not shown that she has given away to some of her friends. Way to go Marcia!

My two favorite girls had birthdays this week. Abbey turned 9 and Tiffany turned 22.
I'm exhausted from all of the activities.

Have a good, safe, knitfull week.

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