Sunday, June 7, 2009


Joe turned 50 yesterday! He went fishing for the weekend, and caught lots of delicious perch which we had for dinner tonight.

I think he's praying that the cake will be good!


Tiffany (not wanting her picture taken obviously)

Dave (Tiffany's boyfriend)

With Joe being gone all weekend, I had a chance to knit. Ruth and I went
to sock group on Saturday morning. I finished up the back of the holey
sweater on Saturday afternoon and got a start on the front. It's going to
be just a boxy oversweater.

I also knit a few rows on the Luna Moth shawl (free pattern from Elan).
I'm using Schaefer Anne Yarn. Probably would have been better in a plain yarn,
but I really love the Anne, and love the colors, and its for me so I'm doing it my way!

Ruth is knitting a vest out of her homespun yarn in garter stitch. Its really wonderful in person.

I got the rest of our flowers planted and was quite busy with lots of non-knitting stuff this weekend. I sure wish it would warm up. I have had a sweatshirt on all day...brrrrrr

Have a good, safe week.

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