Sunday, August 23, 2009

Socks - Complete!

The WeeSocks are done, and they are not so very wee, are they?
They are very long, very soft, and oh so wonderful!

Look, twins!

I started a pair of socks for Joe out of Auterman Step (it has Jojoba and Aloe in
the yarn), and am just starting the heel. I am using Wendy Knits Temptatation
sock pattern which has a different heel - no picking up! I'm just starting so I
have no opinion if I like it or not yet, I will let you know next week.
I am using a K3, slip 1 pattern, which is nice for mansocks.

Jeannine has been helping me with mom's sweater, it's coming along slow
but sure...(thanks, Jeannine!!!) no pictures to share. We're in the experimental
neck stage....

I have not done much knitting,but that's ok. I'm enjoying the summer.

My baby turns 21 next week - go figure!

Have a fun, knitful week....

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