Sunday, November 15, 2009

French Press Slippers Rock!

I whipped up the French Press Slippers in no time last weekend - and sewed them together on Monday. Pattern can be purchased here:

I used some old (and I mean old 4+ years) Elann Highland Wool yarn I had in the stash. There is enough yarn left to make Tiffany a pair. I did not want to give her the first pair as they were experiments. I have to get some fabric paint to put on the bottom so they are not so slippery.
I made the medium size. I really thought I screwed up and was going to have to give them to someone with big feet but I just kept felting and felting and eventually they became my size!

I got gauge with size 15 needles - can you say uncomfortable! I adore them and will wear them often - always take slippers along to the holiday gatherings so this year I have some real special ones to bring.

The 2nd purple sock is almost done - I'm cruising down the foot - I will save that for brainless knitting this week.

My friend Marcia recently completed her very first sweater. She did yoke sweater with knitted in sleeves. We used the EZ percentage system to figure out the size. I am so proud of her - it fits perfectly. She used a superwash wool from KnitPicks. I wish you could see it in person - it is
absolutely stunning.

Ruth and Martha are on a sister weekend so no updates from them. I know Ruth has been spinning a lot this week, and I have not heard from Martha. I'll let you know what's brewing
with them next week.

Happy Knitting.......stay safe.

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