Sunday, February 21, 2010

150 Posts Old

This is the 150th Blog Post for Knitatation! I feel like I should have some special guests or something to celebrate.

The Cascade 220 yarn finally came in so I can swatch for the EZ Green sweater.
Color is a green with gray in it - very nice.

The Forrest Canopy Shawl is coming along, but because its so scrunched up
its hard to tell I've made progress. I'm getting quite good at analyzing my mistakes...
I need to get better at not making mistakes!

There are 6 inches done on the sock leg, I think I'll go to 7 and
then start the heel.

This weekend we celebrated Tiffany's 23rd Birthday.
It was a beautiful sunny day, just like the day she was born.

Mom, dad and Joel came for dinner. Unfortunately, Vicky had to
work (we sent her supper, don't worry).

Ruth has been working on a sock, in between her EZ sweater.
Patten K3 P1

Martha sent a note that she has been knitting but has been very
exhausted and did not send pictures.

This past Wednesday was a bear getting home from work due to
weather - I am officially sick of winter.

Have a wonderful week!