Sunday, February 28, 2010


I realized today, the last day of February, that I only have one FO for all of 2010 so far. If I would have finished the vest, that would be done by now, and if I didn't have such ADK I would probaby have finished up something. I do have the heel turned on the sock. The yarn is so pretty....

and have worked some on the shawl this week. There are over 200 stitches now, so it takes a while to do a row.

Oh! and the EZ Green Sweater! I started it on Friday with a very nice
crocheted provisional cast on. I kept having a knawing feeling in the back of my
mind about this sweater. I keep looking at Ravelry. A few (a very few)
folks have completed the amazing sweater. Many many more have had
trouble deciphering the pattern. Some say the pattern has lots of mistakes,
and some say the pattern is just a guide. Some have had to redo the neck.
You see where I'm going brain is not up to this right now.
I think I will have to wait until there are more corrections published
from SchoolHouse Press, or on Ravelry. I cop out but, since
I know me better than anyone - I realize this is beyond me right now.

I have ripped and have started a different EZ sweater. One with a hem
and that is all I know right now. I will figure out the yoke in a few inches
or so. I loved the straight knitting of the vest, too bad it looked like
crap on me. Now I will have a sweater to get lost in.

Ruth continues to work on her sock...nice,. huh!

This is a picture of some batts she put together and one spun. She is
taking a "carding" class now.

Martha is working on a few projects....
a very nice colorful.

She made a hat/scarf for Emmalouise and is lining them.

We had our first snowstorm of the season, I will leave you with some pictures.
Not much going on in the kitchen. Joe is working on electrical which is major
progress, but not much fun to look at.

Abbey thinks she is a husky dog and stays out for long periods of time.

see, the snow is almost to the top of the pool....which by the way we can
open in 4 more months....!

Take care dear knitters...have a nice warm week.

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