Sunday, March 14, 2010

Martha's Post

Hi all,
I am tired, not much knitting this week and a major setback in the kitchen.
I don't feel like talking about it so since Ruth and I don't have pictures,
this will be Martha's post. She started making a vest for a male friend
of hers, but decided the colors were too girly for a man. Here are her
pictures....the bobbins she got at Webs. Did I mention that she lives
closer to Webs than I live to Pam's shop? jealous...yes I sure am!

Her post is below:

I am using a Knitter Fall 2009 pattern called Shaded Diamonds by Rick Mondragon. I was given a whole bag of Lopi lite like 20 balls, which a designer friend was given by Lopi to design some patterns for them. She did that and gave me the rest of the cast off yarn. I made the booties a few months ago, and then did the vest.
I arranged them in shades from light to dark and added some Noro with complementary colors. I spend about 2 hours laying them out and winding them for 2 repeats of 8 colors putting them at waist at the dark end of the spectrum going light to the shoulders. I put the Noro skeins in there with contrasting colors. Ok, so that was the plan. However, what I didn't realize was that there was 4 repeats, so then I was screwed with the color planning. I couldn't figure out and deal with spinning more balls to make 4 repeats, so I just pulled the colors out of the in and out of each ball and got 4 repeats. Screw all the color work planning. You can see in the color changes there are some that are dark, and there are some that are just happy color changes. I always find when I do color work I don't like it in the beginning and then get so I like it more and more as things go along. So, there are color selections here that I would not chose again, however I cannot deal with ripping, starting again after so much of "going along".

you go girl! can't wait to see progress in next week's pictures...tks for the

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