Sunday, April 11, 2010


A Baby Surprise Jacket in one week! Quite an accomplishment for me.
And my 2nd (only my 2nd) finished object for 2010.


Plymouth Encore Yarn
Size 7 needle
Size - maybe a 2T

This sweater was much faster than the first one - probably partly
due to the fact that I did not have to wrangle 3 strands of yarn
at once and obviously the larger yarn and needles.

The blue yarn has splotches of dark blue and yellow so I chose
yellow buttons. I am in love with I-cord bind off - especially on this

I really wanted it a little smaller but I am very happy with the
size, the little boy can wear it much longer now.

this week I will concentrate on the Forrest Canopy Shawl and hopefully
make some good progress.

Ruth spun some beautiful yarn from some roving stuff (is that what
you call it?) that I gave her for Christmas. She did a beautiful job
and spun it in a way that really made the colors pop!

Martha finished up her vest and is wearing it in NYC this weekend.
I think it is awesome !

Thursday night after a weird rain/cold front we had awesome
rainbows and the sun was just setting so it had a beautiful
red/orange glow.

Look what's at the end of my rainbow!

Drywall - way better than a pot of gold - trust me.
Joe and Joey have the whole family room drywalled....
now the finishing begins.

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martha said...

Your house is great!!