Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yes, another BSJ

I finished up the first blue Baby Surprise Jacket - just need buttons.
I have some very cute green frog face buttons on order. I don't feel
like I can consider it complete until the buttons are on. It took me
a couple of tries to get the collar right, but so worth it!

I decided this would not be big enough for the intended little boy
due in May. According to the Dr. he is predicted to come out
half grown already - and I wanted the jacket to fit him in the fall....
so I decided to give this one to the baby boy coming in July and hurry
up and get another one done by April 20th!

This is size 5 needles, Knitpicks sock yarn - three
strands together.

The new one is in Encore and on size 7 needles. It is moving along
faster using only one strand of yarn. I am just starting the long increase maybe 1/3 - 1/2 done.

Ruth finished up hers this week. She used two strands
of sock yarn purchased from a woman on Etsy - it is
superwash. Cute!!!!!!!!!!

Martha is working on her very colorful vest...Isn't it lovely! I think it
is amazing....but she is not thrilled with the colors for some reason.

martha's words:
I am attaching my latest vest. I am up to the collar. I did not
really make it like the pattern exactly (as usual), and want to put a
shawl collar on it which I am going to fudge from another pattern.
This color work was from a pattern in Knitters fall 2009, called
Shaded Diamonds by Rick Mandragon. I changed the shaping for my
figure and am going to try to copy a shawl color from a Ravelry
pattern by Meg Swanson. I am not crazy about the colorwork and how it
turned out, but I didn't want to change it after working on it for
several hours. That is as it is. I have to look at that some more
and see if I can figure out the construction better. I used Lopi lite
and some Noro for color change.

Things are status quo here at my house. Joe put up a piece of drywall
yesterday and I thrilled. Maybe things can move along a little quicker now.
The weather this weekend has been amazing...hope you all enjoyed it....

Have a fun knitful week.

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