Sunday, August 22, 2010

68 But i did it anyway

Yes, the pool was 68 degrees tonight but I jumped in anyway. All
the way down the ladder I kept chanting "you can't do this in
November". Brrrr -it really was refreshing once I got in. I guess
my point is...Fall is in the air and it's only August.

Finally finished the green socks I've been working on all summer.
Purly Swirly pattern (my own).
Yarn: Silk/merino/bamboo - purchased at Rhinebeck.

They are actually for me. If you look close you can see a hint
of gray color in the heel. I used reinforcement thread since
for some reason I blow the heels out of my socks - me
who always wears slippers and socks....oh well.

Ruth is working on a lovely pair of socks - Classic Elite Alpaca yarn. Pattern is Wandering Vine from _Think Outside the Sox book.

It's hard to see the pattern in this picture.

Martha has knit a lovely shawl for her friend.

Her words:
The pattern is Magicstar shawl by
Die-woollust. This is a german site ( I know, so international of
me!) and the internet address is
This yarn is at least 50 years old. No joke. Ann's mother died lasy
year at about 92 yo and she gave Ann her yarn about 10 years ago. Ann
gave it to me and it was all mothbally. I left it outside in the sun
for weeks and dried all the chemicals out of it and I have been using
it up regularly since then.

No work on the house this week. I have been baking/cooking
up a storm - it's so easy now.

Have a fun summery week.......not much summer left.

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