Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st! Unbelievable!

I can't believe it is August already. I guess because of all of the kitchen work the year has flown by quicker than ever. Still not much knitting content - Ruth and Martha have been better than me - and I honestly can't remember much of what they told me, but I will still show their lovely pictures.

I have one sock complete, and one ready to work on the heel:

Ruth's current sock, with her snazzy toes

Ruth's BSJ that is almost complete!

This is Ruth's cat, Lucy, who is helping to model the sweater.

Mittens Martha just finished:

Baby outfit Martha just finished:

so so beautiful

This and that:

The family came over for my birthday last week.
This is the last year I can say I'm in my late 40's...gulp!

I just had to throw more kitchen pictures in here.....

Destiny stayed over night - we had fun.

We made homemade was sooo yummy!

Felicia and some of the girls Tiffany works with came over for
Margarita Tuesday since I was on vacation this week....

Joey was making snacks while they were here:

Mom and dad got me flowers for my birthday.

Abbey went to the beauty parlor...she was strutting her stuff
after she got home because she knew how good she looked. LOL

Even Magic had to take a second look at Abbey because
she looked so good.

Joe and I went to Lake Ontario fishing on Saturday morning.
Well, he fished, and I knit and read. I was really ticked off that
the coast guard did not come and check our fishing licenses.

I got my license on July 2nd and had to pay $29 for it -
and it expires on Sept 30th. Big rip off

Joe got a nice bass:

We had a nice relaxing morning together. The sun was out and
the water was perfect.

Family of swans:

so peaceful

current sock.....

Joey has been asking for cookies since February...and today
I finally made them. Having so much fun cooking in the new

Back to work tomorrow...ugh! I really need two weeks off
in a row. Only way that will happen is to start playing the

Have a super summer week!

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NICE kitchen pictures