Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sister Post

Ruth and Martha have been knitting way more than me so this post is mainly
about them!

I did manage to get the heel turned on Joe's sock. I really love the yarn from
Spindle city. The colors are better this week, black, red, gray. So nice.
Notice that I used a gray nylon yarn to reinforce the heel. Purchased at
PatternWorks on line.

Hopefully I can finish this up this week. I did a lot of cooking this weekend...
so LOVE the nice new kitchen.

Ruth's her own words:
The finished green socks. Also the sock I knit last week. Yarn is Metaphor Yarn dyed by Gail Callahan, the Kangaroo Dyer, who lives near Martha in Greenfield. Called bronze surprise. Nice and fallish. Pattern is Goldengrove Socks from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn.

Martha's stuff, in her own words:

TaDa!!! Here are the outfits for Susie's grandchildren. Connie, for the blog, and yarn was Hayfield Natural wool dk. Machine washable and not too processed, not too soft but not scratchy. The pants are Schaeter Yarn company Miss Priss Diaper Pants pattern The jumper pattern I can't find, but it was out of one of the books we shared at our last visit. The little sweater is Origami Baby Kimono designed by Bonnie Franz, modified by Martha Parker, out of Interweave Knits, summer 2003. I bought both outfits turtle necks and tights and leggings to go under the outfits. The big outfit is about 3T and smaller one 18 months size.

Here is my latest and greatest. It is for Chris who has a very big head. I sure hope it fits!! It is made out of Moonshine design yarn, which is 65% Kid and yearling Moahir, and 35% Wool. it is 5.5sts/" and was very easy to knit up. I did'n t think it would spiril when I knit it, but I really can't tell with the hand dyed stuff. I knit it on size 7 needles. It is the pattern called Cap Karma bu S. M. Kahh October 2006 (, and then I used Brooklyntweeds modified top to maintain the cables ( It was a very quick knit.

Nice girls! Love your knitting and sharing our blog readers.

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martha said...

Come on, pictures of the new kitchen