Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holidays are here...Already!

Gee, here is it Christmas, and I have very few presents to show for it.
I am done with one sock for Joe, and hopefully the 2nd sock will be
done for Christmas. The main yarn is Pattons, Bamboo / Nylon blend,
and the toe and heel are Regia, bamboo, nylon blend.


4 rows K2P2 Ribbing,
5th row: K thru back of 2nd knit stitch, keep stitch on needle, and K thru 1st
stitch, creating a mock cable effect. I like the look of this a lot. Even Joey commented
on how he liked the stitch, and how he liked the 2nd yarn for toe and heel.


That is all the knitting I have to discuss. One stealth project that I really
really hope I will get done!

Other news:

Mickey is sooo fun! He is getting bad now though, and biting. I really
hope that is a kitten phase he is going thru. We have had him for 5
weeks already!

When he is quiet and cuddly he is oh so cute! He is getting sooo big!

He slept like this for an hour on Friday:

Joey got a very nice!! 8 point deer on Tuesday!
Way to go , Joe!

Tiffany and I went shopping Black Friday and had a nice time.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Dad's 76th birthday!
We are so lucky that he is here and in such good health.

Notice mom's cactus in the background!

tiffany and dad:

Joel and Vicky:

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Janine said...

Connie, Mickey is really really gorgeous. My grandmother had a cat that looked like him - SO long ago. Really, I wish I had kept him!!! GORGEOUS cat. That pic with his arm slung over chair you should enter into a contest. SERIOUS!