Sunday, November 14, 2010

How do you knit with a kitty?

Answer: you don't !!
Not much to show for this week. Everytime I pick up the needles, wham!
Mickey strikes. He loves to bite the needles and the yarn.
I ripped out Joe's sock I started last week - did not like the pattern
at all, and started a new pattern that I am loving.
Ribbing K2 P2
every 5th row (4 regular ribbing in between)
K into the back loop of the 2nd knit stitch, bring right needle
to front of 1st knit stitch and knit, slip both stitches off of the
needle. Looks like a mock cable.

Working on the sleeves of the Seven Things Baby Sweater...have to
be done by Tuesday...gulp! It will be close.

Ruth traveled to MA to visit Martha this weeked so no updates
from either of them.

Our Mickey:

Have a good week dear blog readers.

1 comment:

martha said...

I think you should make Micky a kitty toy that is small project with needles so he can "play" while you knit!!