Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sock Stuff

Working right along on socks this week.

The Swirls socks is so's been a long time since
I have done a pattern in which I need to keep track of
rows down the top of the foot. The yarn is nice and I
love it.

The brown/gray/black brainless sock got some attention
this week also. About 1" to go before I decrease for the toe.

Ruth is also working on socks.

She is done with her "Socks that Rock" socks for
her cousin - and just in time since she is traveling
this week to Oaklahoma and Colorado to deliver them.

Very very nice!!!!

I thought I'd attach a photo of what my counter looks
like when I wash socks....the red/black hat is hanging
out blocking with the socks.....

Martha is working on a vest:

It is the Garter Rib
Vest by Donna Kay-Tree of Life Designs, made with the Harrisville Silk
and Wool yarn.

Spring ??

Sunset earlier this marvelous!

West view from the backyard.

The spring birds are driving Mickey crazy. He can
actually balance on the top of the chair and tries to
crawl up the window to chase them.

I have a feeling the crocuses will be popping up soon

Happy sock knitting this week dear blog readers.

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Ruth said...

Lucy also has spring fever and has actually squirted out the door. Keep an eye on Mickey!