Sunday, March 27, 2011

One pair done

One pair of socks complete:

the second pair is coming along rather slowly....Link

I've had a wonderful little distraction this past week:
Monkey Bread Scarf pattern by Anne Hanson

Aunt Charlotte gave me some wonderful 100% Cashmere
yarn that she has had in her stash for a long time - and since
she does not knit anymore, she gave it to me.

Wonderfully soft to work with. I have about 28" done already.

Tiffany finished up her final Encore Chunky black
scarf. This one is for her friend Meg.

She used a K2P2 Pattern. It turned out really soft and

Ruth just returned from a trip out west, and was working
on a Classic Elite sock during her travels:

Have a knitful, playful week dear blog readers.....

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martha said...

Connie, I love the cashmere from your aunt. Very beautiful. You are lucky. Yum