Monday, April 18, 2011

Circuit Knitting

It seems I have a lot of repeat knitting I want to do this year for Christmas
presents. Another pair of Bella mittens, three ruffle scarves, a couple hats.
So I thought I would do circuit knitting so I don't get so bored. I have just a
little bit to finish on the Monkey Bread scarf. I have knit a Baby Surprise
jacket this week, and have one ruffle scarf complete. There is a hat on the
needles for brainless knitting. Next up will be another ruffle scarf, and then
the mittens. In the middle of all of these projects, I have decided to knit a
sweater. What am I thinking! I think the answer is simple:
my brain wants to knit more complex, long term projects, but it knows the
brain power is not quite there at the moment. No pictures this week.
Joe and I went away for the weekend and had a nice time - but too tired
to take blog pictures.

Ruth and Martha are both knitting vests. And oh ! how lovely! they both are!

Ruth's vest:

Martha's vest- there is a story behind the yarn. She had a lot of yarn
left over f rom another project and spliced the ends together, which
was a huge project in itself.

check out these pictures. This is the little dress Martha
knit for their great-niece Parker.

Stay tuned for some FO's next week....Happy Knitting!

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