Sunday, April 3, 2011

Distraction from the Distraction

As you will recall, last week I was distracted from finishing socks
because I started the MonkeyBread scarf by Anne Hanson.
I am three skeins done, and one to go to be finished.

The pattrn is nice and easy, and only have to think on
two rows out of 24....but I stopped working on this
on Wed, because I got distracted by this:


Just Enough Ruffles pattern by Laura Chau.

Yarn: Autunno
Needles: Size 9. 48"

Will use 4 skeins of yarn by the time I'm done.

The pattern uses short rows, which have always been a bit
of a challenge for me. I had to rip out the scarf the first time
I did it, and start over, and think it looks very nice now.

The yarn is very very soft.

I am making three of them for Christmas gifts for my team
at work. I think it will be a nicer present than a candle or

Right now I am at the challenging part of the pattern. Had to
increase from 200 stitches, to 600 stitches on one row.
thank goodness I got the longer needle! It was a very quick knit,
especially considering I cast on Wed, ripped out, and am now almost
done. Casting off 600 stitches in purl will be a bit of a snooze, but
I'll get thru it.

Martha and Ruth are both working on vests from a Harrisville
Pattern and yarn.

Matha's is done:

So so pretty.

Ruth is working on a green version.
Also in Ruth's picture is a sock she just finished up.

Martha is currently working on a felted bed for her
dog. That is quite a project!

I was telling Ruth at dinner on Wed how much I miss having
a nice yarn shop to go to. I have had a few mishaps purchasing
yarn on line. UGH x 1000000000000

This week I think the ruffled scarfs may be distracted by
a Baby Surprise Jacket I can't wait to start for one of Tiffany's
friends who is due in July.

Have a fun "spring" week!

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