Monday, May 23, 2011

Flurry of Excitement !!!

Last week Ruth mentioned that she was thinking of joining WendyKnits
mystery shawl knitalong. Well, Martha and I decided to join too, so it
would be like we were knitting together. They both had the first clue
done before me, but I'm caught up now. Lots of emails and texts back
and forth all week - so fun.
I'm using Malabrigo sock yarn, purply/bluey colors and liking it alot.

This is the shawl thru line 6 of the 2nd clue:

I'm using Addi Lace size 6 needles.

Here is Martha's thru clue 1 (picture send prior to
clue 2 being released). She is unsure of the yarn.

Ruth's sent me her picture at work last week so I cannot get
to it here, but her's is lovely as well. She is using purply/mauvy.

She worked hard to finish up her vest this week, isn't lovely.

The next clue is being released on Thurs with lots of rows so we
can work on it over Memorial Day holiday while it RAINS AGAIN
in WNY.

Yesterday was quite lovely here. Joe/Joey went fishing and caught
some nice Walleye.

Have fun this week.

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