Sunday, May 8, 2011

Movin right along

Movin right along on the Christmas gifts I intend to give this year.

Here is the coat/hat for Felicia's baby coming in July. I still need to do
some tweaking on the hat. Add a button.

I think it is probably a size 2 or so.

Now have two of the :Just Enough Ruffle: scarfs done.

The MonkeyBread scarf is all blocked.

This week will finish up the 3rd and final ruffle scarf.

Ruth made and adorable hat for her yet to be born niece.
so so so cute!

Martha designed a scarf and is now wearing it. Her first ever total design.
As a reminder, she spliced in all of the ends of several yarns. So nice.
I really like the feminine neckline she added.

On Friday I washed a lot of windows in the house -
let the sun shine in finally.

On Saturday, a bug planted himself on the outside of the
sliding glass window, and Mickey was having none of it.
He spent over 30 minutes jumping up the
window to "get it". I finally went
out and moved the bug. Mickey is sooo funny.

till next week.....

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